The Bowties That are Crafted and Not Made - Feather Bowties!

Bow ties have developed a bit of an "eh" reputation over the years. Unless you are talking about handmade feather bowties. There are no way feather bowties can have an opponent that stands next in the race of formal dressing. It is a whole different case with feather handmade bowties.

The detail and effort in handcrafted feather bowties give them an edge over almost anything else. Handcrafted feather bowties are an exquisite accessory; even stylish personalities like John Legend and Janelle Monae didn't hold back when rocking the handmade feather bowtie. The way they styled handcrafted bowtie is the epitome of aesthetic that machine-made bowties sadly can never achieve.

We adore feather bowties. They're amusing, intelligent, classy, and fashionable. Feather bowties, in our opinion, are the ideal choice if you want to make a statement for any formal event and look sexy for all the right reasons.

Bowties were the original handsome gentleman's accessory of choice. They've taken a backseat to the more conservative necktie in recent times but have made a powerful resurgence. For this reason, the world's most fashionable people choose feather bowties in their red carpet and off-duty attire. Your bowtie, either solid or patterned, will elevate your ensemble to the next level.

Here are five reasons why handmade bow ties are the best choice.

Long Life Span

While a single feather is a delicate and weak thing, adding hundreds of feathers and weaving them together creates a bowtie that will last a lifetime. The handcrafted feather bowties have a longer life span because they are composed of all-natural materials. It will be able to be worn again and again by the person who brought it, and it will be kept as a treasured remembrance.

Elegant in Design

A feather bow tie is great for turning any regular outfit into an amazing one if you are a man who is interested in fashion and has a distinctive sense of style. Even males who wouldn't ordinarily wear a bow tie with their day-to-day clothing would want to have something high-end, fashion-forward, and distinguishing between wearing for weddings and other black-tie occasions.

Premium Quality

Feather bowties are an amazing present for a man who has high standards and only wears the best quality and craftsmanship. Each bowtie is handcrafted from the most delicate bird feathers and presented attractively, resulting in a gift that you can be pleased to give.


Because each feather is one-of-a-kind, just like a fingerprint, each bow tie that exists is likewise one-of-a-kind. Now everybody loves unique things. Things That we can keep to ourselves, the central idea behind the craftmanship of feather bow tie is the exact thing to provide distinction. Provide a sense of uniqueness to its wearer. And feather bow ties do a fine job at it.

They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

There is one downside when it comes to feather handcrafted bow ties, that is WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? There is a never-ending list of varieties, and you'll be scratching your head back and forth trying to figure out which one suits you best. The varieties range from bonnie bowtie, led chevy bowtie, green bowtie, and white bowtie. All of these consist of feathers obtained from different birds.

As a result, one of the many advantages of feather bow ties is that there is an almost limitless number of different styles to choose from. As a result, make certain that you select the most appropriate one for your preferences. Alternatively, you may dress the items up a notch by pairing them with one of our outfit options. It's a win-win situation, right?

However, you should make certain that you understand how to properly style a bowtie; you don't want to end up looking like a goofy because you choose the most bizarre and, well, 'eh'-looking bow tie.

Because of a simple strategy, your bow tie will always seem smart rather than stupid no matter what you're wearing. All that is required is that you choose the suitable cloth. Handcrafted bow ties are designed with style in mind, and they will always leave you feeling refined.

It is also important for you to know which feather bowties are perfect for weddings, or some of the most creative and unique ways to wear feather bowties! If you are wondering whether or not feather bowties are a fashion statement in 2022 - than we have a complete feather bowtie guide for you to read. 


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