Are Feather Bow Ties Going to be a Fashion Statement in 2022? If So, Where to Buy Them?

Are Feather Bow Ties Going to be a Fashion Statement in 2022? If So, Where to Buy Them?

Bow ties have been in fashion for a long period of time. With their unique looks and variety of colors, they help emphasize the charm and uniqueness of the men who wear bow ties. However, there’s one thing more distinctive than a regular bow tie--- a feather bow tie! If you wish to make a great impact on others at a formal event, a well-chosen feather bow tie will give you the lavish, different and elegant look that you require. Here are a few things that make feather bow ties so special and where to buy bow ties.

You Are Going To Be Remembered

No matter how many well-dressed men appear in the same gathering as you, people are going to remember just you. Wearing a feather bow tie adds a little detail to your overall appearance that brings out your charming personality, unique style and love for creativity. Your style can let people know who you are with just one glance. This little detail will help you express a lot about you without uttering any words, and people will be immediately interested in you as soon as they lay their eyes upon you. So, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd by wearing our luxurious feather bow ties.

Feather Bow Ties Scream “Confidence”

We live in a fashion-oriented world where people are always conscious about following the regular fashion norms. What they don’t realize is that while trying to blend in with the fashion that everyone in the crowd follows, they blend in and lose their own identity. Whether you are at a wedding, a party, or any other formal event, wearing a feather bow tie will help you exhibit grace, confidence, and a charm that will snatch the attention of everyone right away.

They Are Not That Common

Although this might seem like a negative factor, the fact that feather bow ties are not as common as regular ties makes them more special. If you walk into a gathering where all the men are dressed in long ties, you are going to stand out the most. You make a statement by showing that you are unique and unafraid to embrace that quality.

Comfortable And Easy To Wear

Tying a long tie or even a regular bow tie can be a hassle and requires time, effort and practice. However, in addition to looking luxurious and classy, a feather bow tie comes with the benefit of a lapel pin set. These bow ties are pre-tied and come with adjustable straps to fit any neck. So, if you decide to wear a feather bow tie for your next event, you can elevate your style in only a few seconds.

Now that we know what makes feather bow ties so special, the question arises, “are feather bow ties still going to be a fashion statement in 2022?” The answer is “yes”. Feather bow ties aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and will continue making a fashion statement in the coming years.

If you want to buy feather bow ties for your formal event and do not know where to find them, we make the most luxurious feather bow ties to match your style. Each feather used in our bow ties in selected carefully and hand-crafted to achieve a luxurious look. Below is a list of our best-selling bow ties.


If you want to try something new by wearing a feather bow tie but still want to remain inside your comfort zone, this is the perfect pick for you. With its neutral tones and delicately assembled feathers, this feather bow tie will give you a luxurious and sophisticated look.


A blend of deep back and a striking orange hue, this feather bow tie will definitely complete your outfit with a touch of blazing uniqueness. If you cannot figure out where to buy bow ties that are a little edgy yet classy, then this item is perfect for you to add a fiery touch to your outfit.


Class, elegance, and a luxurious finish--- this feather bow tie is bound to turn heads in a gathering. The deep blue and green tones set in white resemble the vastness of the ocean and the sky. If you want to buy feather bow ties that will let you express your love for freedom, nature and fashion, this striking item is the perfect fit for you.


Just as the name suggests, assert an electric and charming presence with this vibrant feather bow tie. If you are the type of person that loves to be in the limelight of any event and isn’t afraid to stand out in any crowd, this bow tie will reflect your quirky and unique personality.



The carefully assembled pheasant feathers of this bow tie is an elegant addition to your outfit for any formal event. A blend of lavish green and polka dots, you can look classy and express your love for uniqueness at the same time. Make yourself prominent in a subtle way with the earthy tones of this delicate bow tie.

Key Takeaway

Feather bow ties are an excellent way to make a remarkable appearance in any event. No matter what happens, feather bow ties will always define style and creativity. Moreover, you can pair your bow ties with our amazing collection of handkerchiefs and pocket squares to complete your look.


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