Are Bow Ties in Style in 2024? Red Carpet Glamour Reveals the Truth

You have an extensive collection of stunning bow ties but aren't sure if it'll look stylish to appear in one. Why? Because you've heard the debate circling about bow ties being outdated. So, every time you're selecting your wardrobe, you might find yourself Googling ‘Are bow ties in style in 2024?’

Yes, bow ties are in style in 2024, and you can wear them to any formal dinner or a casual meetup. Don't be surprised when we say that several leading names in the entertainment and fashion industry showed up styling bow ties on the 2024 red carpet events. Seeing stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Teo Yoo pairing bow ties with their formal Tuxedos vouch for the popularity of this classic accessory. 

Though these star-studded events endorse that bow ties are very much in fashion in 2024, it's important to stay updated on modern trends. At Mandujour, we have an extensive collection of feather bow ties and other men's accessories, complementing the latest men's fashion trends.

Modern Bow Tie Trends in 2024

The black bow tie is something you can always find in a man's wardrobe. However, with fashion trends evolving every day, we now have a plethora of styles and patterns available. Putting it simply, the choices are as diverse as the occasions you attend.

Sleek satin and feather bow ties are usually associated with formal events like weddings, balls, and corporate dinners. While funky patterns and vibrant color bow ties match the vibe of themed parties and celebrations.

However, you can always make a statement with your unconditional choices. That's exactly what The Blind Boys of Alabama can be seen doing at the Grammys 2024. They were dressed in pink tuxedos with black lapels, paired with pink bow ties featuring black margins for a bold and stylish statement.

Let's see how our favorite celebrities rocked bow ties at the 2024 Red Carpet events, reminding us why they're a classic accessory.

Bow Ties Stealing the Spotlight at 2024 Governors Awards

The 2024 Governors Awards witnessed celebrities rocking bow ties with style. Colman Domingo stood out in Grayscale attire, complemented by an Omega watch, while John Mulaney opted for a Berluti bow tie. Other prominent names like Mark Ruffalo, Sterling K. Brown, and David Oyelowo also sported bow ties, adding their unique touch to the red carpet. Robert Downey Jr. was also seen exuding elegance in a gray suit, perfectly complemented by a sleek black bow tie.  

Black Bow Tie Affair at The Grammy Awards 2024

At the Grammy Awards 2024, we witnessed black bow ties taking center stage. Numerous celebrities were killing it with a classic duo of black bow ties and tuxedos, paired with crisp white dress shirts. Certainly, the black color radiates the most appealing look and charisma compared to the rest of the spectrum.

How to Choose the Right Bow tie for an Outfit?

To choose the right bow tie, consider the occasion, your outfit's color and style, and your personal preference. You can opt for solid colors like black, blue, or white when going to formal events. Otherwise, experiment with contemporary patterns and textures for casual occasions. Ensure the bow tie compliments your shirt and jacket.

Tips on Matching Bow ties with Various Attires

Let me walk you through some tips on matching bow ties with various attires, just like our favorite celebrities did at recent events.

Styling Tips for 2024


The shape of your bow tie plays a crucial role in achieving the desired look. A broad-style butterfly is an optimum shape to display funky, unique patterns. However, wearing a straight, batwing bow tie depicts your low-profile, reserved personality.


When it comes to selecting the color of your bow tie, the general rule is to match it with the lapel color of your tuxedo for a cohesive look. However, don't be afraid to experiment with different colors to turn heads and steal the show. 


While wearing a silk or satin tuxedo, you should pick a bow tie made from the same fabric as it's perfect for formal occasions. But if you want to go against the tides, then textured fabrics like velvet or wool might be a better option.

What Is the Most Popular Bow Tie Color?

Black, blue, and white are the most popular bow tie colors to complement your outfit on any formal occasion. These solid hues, including black, brown, blue, and red, effortlessly pair with a classic tuxedo or button-down Oxford, making them perfect choices for weddings, galas, or Christmas parties.

While the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference, you can draw inspiration from celebrities who have donned popular black, blue, and white bow ties at glamorous events such as the 2024 Golden Globe Awards.

Can Women Wear Bow Ties?

Yes, women can absolutely rock bow ties just as effortlessly as men. At recent red carpet events, some of our favorite female celebrities were spotted in exquisite attires paired with stylish bow ties. Here, you can take a closer look at how these leading ladies flaunted their individuality in different ways.

Final Thoughts 

Now you must know bow ties are still in style in 2024 and will remain there for several years to come. So without any doubt, you can grab your bow ties that are synonymous with your unique style and persona and wear them confidently to any occasion. Choose a bow tie that speaks to you and let your style shine through at every event. 

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