A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Groom's Attire for Different Wedding Themes

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The wedding theme serves as a guiding concept and ties together the visual elements of the wedding harmoniously and beautifully. It has a significant influence on everything, from the selection of the venue to the decor, and from the menu to the wedding attire. 

A wedding theme is such a fantastic way to add some fun and excitement to your big day. It has the potential to make your wedding day more memorable for all. The guests will also feel involved and have a more immersive experience when they dress up according to the theme. It’s like adding an extra layer of engagement and intrigue to the wedding. And think of all the wonderful wedding photos that will capture the stunning cohesive visuals.

If you’ve not decided on a theme already, maybe it’s time to sit down with your special one, have an open discussion, and finalize one. Contrary to what a few may think, themes do not limit your options; rather they allow you to explore your creativity.

Dressing according to a theme allows you to explore your creativity, play with your style, and generate more interest in your wedding attire. By selecting a good theme, and attire that aligns perfectly with that theme, you’re likely to leave a lasting impression on your guests, and of course your bride. This guide will help you craft the perfect wedding look that seamlessly blends with your chosen theme.

Classic/Formal Theme

For a black-tie wedding, you’ll wear a white dress shirt, with a tuxedo jacket. You can choose a tuxedo in any of the classic colors such as black, white, or navy. Complete the look with a black bow tie and matching dress shoes. Black-tie events are all about that refined and sophisticated aesthetic.

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If the wedding has a classic theme, but it’s not going to be as formal as a black tie event, you can don a dark-colored suit, a white dress shirt, and a coordinating silk tie in a solid color or subtle pattern. Accessorize with statement cufflinks, a classic watch, and leather dress shoes.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have carefree and relaxed vibes. The wedding attire should also give off those vibes. A light-colored (preferably beige, tan, or light blue) linen or cotton suit will align well with the theme, and complement the flowy gown of your bride perfectly. Your shirt needs to be light and breathable. Go for a shirt in a pastel or neutral color.


If you prefer a more casual look, you could wear a stylish guayabera shirt and khaki pants. However, this depends on the formality of the event. In footwear, loafers or sandals would be the best choice.

Vintage Wedding

If you’re going to have a vintage wedding, opt for a slim-fit suit in colors such as charcoal grey, brown, or navy. You could go for a tweed or herringbone pattern. Enhance the vintage vibe with peaked labels and suspenders. Use a skinny tie or a bow tie for a more retro feel. Accessorize with a pocket square and a vintage watch.

Rustic/Barn Wedding

You are likely to have quite a bit of leeway with your attire at ranch & farm wedding venues. However, you will have to ensure that your outfit is coordinated with that of your partner. If your bride is going to wear a long gown, you’ll have to match it up with a  tweed or textured suit in earthy tones like brown or olive. If she’s going for a more casual dress, you can get away with a button-down shirt and khaki or dark jeans. You can add a rustic touch with a checkered or plaid shirt. Leather boots and a stylish vest or jacket will lend some rugged charm.

Garden Wedding

Weddings under this theme typically take place in lush, blooming gardens. In such picturesque settings, you’ll do well with a light-colored suit or even a blazer with dress pants. You could go for a shirt in any of the pastel colors, or add some interest with a floral one. Complete your look with brown or tan dress shoes or loafers.

Modern/Urban Wedding

Modern or urban weddings do away with all the fuss and frills of traditional weddings. In such weddings, it’s all about sleek contemporary design and focusing only on essential elements. You need a modern slim-fit suit with clean lines in colors like charcoal or navy. For a touch of sophistication, add details such as a slim tie or a bow tie, or even a pocket square. Polished leather dress shoes (such as Oxfords) are the most preferable choice of footwear. Alternatively, you can wear trendy loafers.

Wrapping Up

Make sure that your attire is suitable according to the season and location, along with the theme and dress code. Customize the attire to suit your personality and the wedding aesthetic.

With the tips in this guide, you’ll be able to bring out the best of sartorial elegance on your wedding day. Together with your bride, you’ll form a picture of impeccable style and unparalleled grace.

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