Complete Guide to wear Bow ties in 2021

On various occasions, such as a wedding, gala, or graduation part men get the opportunity to wear a bow tie. Some men also like to wear it every day because of the elegance it exudes. And for other men, it is just an extra accessory and they favor the tie. If you're on my page, it's because you have a few questions about the bow tie. Or you are looking to get advice on the bow tie style, color, materials, or patterns? Are you thinking that a bow tie is only reserved for tuxedos and similar chic outfits? Or you are here to learn the right way to match your bow tie with your clothes? Or just here to improve your knowledge about bow ties? Do not worry; your all answers will be answered here in this article. Here we will discuss how you can access your style with this timeless accessory.

Mandujour bow tie - Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels

The bow tie is back in 2021 fashion

Yes, now at weddings, the bow tie is back to the forefront...

This season, the bow tie has made a big comeback at weddings. The bow tie is also a new version of a chic and elegant style for men. Whenever a special event comes, the bow tie is a good way to underline the time. Wearing a bow tie will make you look like an elegant man but it requires following few rules to make it a valuable ally. Whether you choose to match the theme and want to attend a special event, a bow tie can make you stand out.

Remember a bow tie is not only for formal wear and dandies...

The bow tie is available in a great diversity of shapes, colors, designs, and patterns along with an excellent space for inspiration. A bow tie is either chic or peculiar. Yes, you can't choose to dress the way you want daily but the bow tie is a great accessory for you when you choose to look more stylish.

Right way to wear the bow tie

Anyone can wear the bow tie but there are basic rules that must be followed to wear the bow tie in the right way, such as choosing strong patterns with solid colors. If you are confused, it is easy to start with a light color or white shirt. A light-colored shirt will enhance your bow tie and also makes it part of the dressing. Many patterns can exist in one outfit, but it also needs a certain amount of sense. Fashion is not rocket science, and you will get good hands-on it with experience.

Face shape

First, choose a bow tie’s size and shape according to your face shape. As most of our bow ties are available in the classic size and fits the majority of people. But it is up to you to choose a larger, smaller, thinner and slimmer. The goal is to find harmony through your face volume.

The jacket

Usually, a bow tie is found with a suit or jacket. But the size of the collar lapel can vary. So we recommend you to choose a lapel that is wide based on the size of your bow tie. A giant man bow tie needs a jacket with large lapels so that it looks well matched according to size.

When you have found a shirt collar, you also think of the lapel. The bow tie is often worn with a suit or at least a jacket. And the size of the lapel can vary. Prefer a lapel that is more or less wide depending on the size of your bow tie. A large men's bow tie needs a jacket with wide lapels so that it doesn't look too big.

Casual style

Yes, the bow tie is not only matched with suits and tuxedos, it can be used with the daily casual look. This is a very elegant accessory and will make your dress look special for the day.

You can wear it inside the shirt and trousers based on your degree of formality of each piece. Such, as you can imagine it with a Chambray or Oxford shirt, simple jeans and a knitted blazer.

Why you should wear bow ties

So, the next section of our blog is why you should wear a bow tie and you must wear an original bow tie only. As it is very rare that people wore an original bow tie that timeless in its form. As the bow tie has everything to seduce.

Choose a bow tie or tie

If you are looking for a fashion accessory to enhance your daily style with confidence. You should wear a bow tie daily. Bow ties only require some attention when selecting but very easy to handle later and are very different from regular ties.

How to wear a bow tie in 2021

You can wear a bow tie as an accessory at any age and in all important events of your life. You can also change your bow tie often and build your collection to wear it on special events. A bow tie is relatively small but very visible to get quick attention. As it will be placed right under your face, so choose it carefully despite changing trends, as it is a synonym for masculine sophistication.

How to choose a perfect bow tie for a wedding

It is most appropriate to wear a bow tie at a wedding. And your choice of the bow tie is mainly based on the style of wedding whether it is classic, urban, rural or bohemian. Choose the right color according to your role in the wedding ceremony.

When you are a Groom

As, if you are going to be a groom choose a suit that is relaxing and comfortable. You will be the king of the day, so choose the one you feel comfortable with. Choose a tie that is made with the same fabric as your pocket squares. Make a good pair. If you have a plain bow tie then choose a light-colored pocket square too. Or you can choose a natural color such as plain blue color bow tie along with light blue pocket square. It will make you look classic.

When you are the best man

First, consider the theme of the wedding and choose your dress according to the dress code of the couple to associate with their style. Here you can choose a colored bow tie such as if the groom is wearing a red-colored bow tie, you can wear a red bow tie too. Otherwise, you can choose to wear a dark pink bow tie.

When you are a guest

If you are attending a wedding as a guest, the rule to wear a bow tie is simple. Never go outside the formality of the groom's dress. Choose a plain bow tie for a classic chic wedding, and if the wedding is simple, you can try the Liberty, tartan, or polka dot bow ties according to your choice.

The bow tie is back in fashion in 2021 but to wear it in the right way you have to follow the rules given above.