Using Sustainably Sourced Bird Feathers – Is it Possible?

We all know how adorable feather bowties are. They're fashionable, elegant, and stylish. Feather bow ties are the way to go if you want to make a statement for all the right reasons. 

While a single feather is delicate, weaving numerous feathers together results in a bowtie that will last a lifetime. Moreover, feather bowties are perfect for creatives. Why not express your admiration for unique sense of style and turn any ordinary outfit into something extraordinary? But are feather bowties ethical?

Feathers: The Process

Feathers are a by-product of the meat and egg industries, and their story is as unpleasant as any other animal-sourced product. Most people don't think about where their feathers came from when considering buying a product packed with body feathers.

After learning about the birds used in the feather industry, you may even be inspired to feather-free your home and wardrobe.

Postmortem, gathering, and live plucking are the three ways used to remove body feathers. Not that any way is “better” than the other, as they all include commodity, exploitation, and eventual death of the birds. Here's brief description of each way separately to make the industry obvious.

Postmortem (After Slaughter)

After the birds are slaughtered for their meat and/or internal organs, their feathers are removed (foie gras). To remove the feathers, the birds are scalded in hot water for one to three minutes. the feathers are typically plucked by hand.


The bird is held down by its neck or wings while the “targeted feathers” are ripped from its skin. It is then left to heal until the next “feathers harvest".

This cycle is repeated every 6-7 weeks till slaughter. The birds are then dumped to the floor, some with freshly stitched skin, after their chests are stripped of feathers.

Gathering (Live Birds)

“Removing feathers that are ready to fall out from birds is defined as using a brush or combing action is known as gathering.”

While “gathering” sounds nicer, most operations “collect” hundreds of birds' feathers at once. Even though all the birds undergo the process of molting at the same stage, feathers mature at different times on the body, thus some feathers are likely to be “live plucked” by accident. Whether gathering feathers or live plucking, the procedure of catching, carrying, and restraint is the same.

What Are Cruelty-Free Feathers?

Feathers are deemed cruelty-free only if no harm is done to the bird in the process. ways are limited; however, it is possible to retrieve these materials. The most ethical and prevalent method is molt harvesting.

Molting is a natural way for birds to restore feathers that have worn out. It's harmless to the bird. Buyers will agree that “molt-harvesting” is a humane approach to obtain feathers.  Birds molt seasonally to prepare their wings for extended flights in the fall or for mating. 

At Mandujour

Mandujour took a sophisticated and opulent spin on the traditional feather bowties. Their feather bowties are created to highlight each feather's inherent beauty, creating a unique yet refined aesthetic. Peacock and pheasant feathers are used to make feathered bow ties.

Their designs are known for their quality, artistry, and authenticity. Above all, Mandujour, is committed to producing one-of-a-kind bow ties that will last a lifetime. Feathers have historically symbolized a connection to heavenly realms and divinity in many cultures.

They have always been a symbol of flight and freedom, not just literally, but also mentally and spiritually, because of their relationship to birds. To help you gain confidence, they chose to blend fashion with the best emblem of flight and freedom.

Each bow tie is meticulously crafted by designers, and each feather bow tie is handmade and takes around four hours to complete.

It's critical to know that no birds were hurt in the process of harvesting their feathers. However, Mandujour collects the feathers in the gentlest manner possible. When birds molt, they naturally shed their old feathers to make room for new ones.

This is how the feathers are gathered whenever feasible. Feathers are sometimes obtained from farmers that rear free-range chickens. The feathers are typically discarded as waste, but Mandujour repurposes them in a sustainable manner. We are firm believers in repurposing nature in a respectful manner.

It is also important for you to know which feather bowties are perfect for weddings, or some of the most creative and unique ways to wear feather bowties! If you are wondering whether or not feather bowties are a fashion statement in 2022 - than we have a complete feather bowtie guide for you to read. 

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