Taking Care of Your Feather Bowties – 5 Best Tips for Feather Bowties!

Buying bowties is an amazing way to upgrade your wardrobe. These are small yet versatile accessories that can transform your look quite easily. The most unique and formal bowties are feather bowties which are made up of real, handpicked feathers and crafted with the utmost care and professionalism.

However, as real feathers are extremely delicate and soft, it is important to handle them accordingly. To maintain the luster of the feathers that constitute the bowties, it is important to take proper care of them. Here are a few tips to protect and clean feather bowties.

Keep Them Safe in a Box

Although feather bowties make an amazing and gorgeous accessory, it cannot be used for everyday events. In the meantime, it is wise to keep your bowties in a box. This will ensure that no unwanted dust or moisture falls on your accessory to steal its luster.

Moreover, if you own pets such as a cat or a dog, do not let them near your feather bowties. It is always a good option to keep your bowties out of their reach. Therefore, if you wish to keep your precious bowties safe, don’t let them become a plaything of your beloved pets. This can be ensured by keeping the bowties in a box.

By purchasing the most luxurious feather bowties from our website, you also receive a free wooden box to help you maintain clean feather bowties.

Protect it from the Rain

In order to keep your bowties safe from damage, try to keep them as dry as possible. One method to ensure this is by protecting them from the rain. Getting too much water into your bowties can cause the feathers in them to clump together, which will harm its fine quality.

Moreover, the more wet your bowties get, the more dirt can stick to them. If too much dirt finds its way into your clean feather bowties, it can become extremely difficult to wash out. So, if you want to protect your bowties from losing their beauty, then it is always a good idea to protect it from rainy weathers and storms.

Place Them in a Soft Material

Although it is always a good idea to place your bowties in a secure box, there are other options to keep them safe as well. In case you do not have a box to put them in, you can place them in a soft material to protect them from dust. In such circumstances, you can take a piece of silk, cotton, or wool, and gently wrap them around the bowties. You can also use a microfiber cloth because of its soft and gentle texture. Put these wrapped bowties in a cupboard or drawer to keep them from getting crushed.

Use a Tiny Brush to Clean Feather Bowties

You can use a small, soft brush to clean feather bowties. Gently brush away the dirt from the surface of the feathers with the help of the brush. Move the brush across the surface from the inside of the feather and move it in an outward motion.

This is help you get rid of any food particles or specs of dust that get stuck on the surface. However, it is also important to keep your movements gentle because using too much force on the bowties can actually damage the texture of the feathers.

Keep Them Away from the Sun or Heat

As feather bowties are soft and delicate, they can get easily damaged when exposed to certain weather conditions. Keeping them away from extremely high temperatures is as important as keeping them away from the rain.

If your bowties are exposed to direct sunlight for too long, they will eventually lose their true color, and as a result, lose their shine. Therefore, it is wise to store them away from high temperatures or direct sunlight.

Key Points to Remember

Feather bowties are a luxurious accessory and can be quite expensive, so it is advisable to take appropriate care of them. It is possible to have clean feather bowties by taking a few simple yet effective measures: just keep your bowties at an enclosed, clean, dry, and a dim place.

It is also important for you to know which feather bowties are perfect for weddings, or some of the most creative and unique ways to wear feather bowties! If you are wondering whether or not feather bowties are a fashion statement in 2022 - than we have a complete feather bowtie guide for you to read. 


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