When to Wear a Tie or Bow tie or Feather Bow tie?

By all means all three of these: Ties, bow ties, and feather bow ties are meant to be worn on formal occasions. These are set for formal events where there is no casual talks or fun involved mostly.

However, how is one going to figure out which one to wear in which type of formal function? This is why this guide is here to help you out to understand when to wear tie or bow tie and when you could go for a classy feather bow tie.

When to Wear Tie or Bow tie?

Ties are kept for formal events and occasions. If you focus on the working class of people, mostly their office uniforms include ties. Not only that, many a time, detectives and other workers who don’t necessarily work in an office are also required to wear a tie.

This gives the person a groomed and collected look which settles well with the profession they are in. Business meetings and weddings are the times when to wear tie or bow tie.

Is a Tie Different Than Bow ties?

The answer is yes! Ties are longer than bow ties and droop all the way down to a person’s stomach. However, bow ties are like little bows that are adjusted over your neckline and are easier to tie than a tie.

Where the ties are for almost every formal event, a bow tie is mostly worn on special formal events and is said to be for a classier or elegant/posh look. When to wear a tie or bow tie can be an intriguing question and one that confuses many but if you look into it properly, you will be able to figure out where you need to wear a tie and where to wear a bow tie

When to Wear a Bow tie?

Bow ties are a little different than ties and that is why it might have its own category of events, occasions, and places in which it can be worn properly. These can be anything between a formal event all the way to a posh and elegant high-class party.

Oh, and you have to wear a bow tie at your wedding as well. The thing is that bow ties normally go well when you style them with tuxedos whereas a tie looks good with a basic suit. A bow tie can be worn to elegant parties, posh events, and slightly more high-class events than where you would initially think about wearing a tie.

What are Feather Bow ties?

You have now learned when to wear a tie or bowtie but now you need to learn about the feather bow ties. What are they? A feather bow tie is what its name suggests. It is a bow tie made entirely out of feathers.

Which bird’s feathers these are depend entirely on the type of bowties? There are different types of feathers that are used. Peacock feathers are one of the most commonly used type used for the creation of a feather bowtie.

Choosing the Right Outfit for Your Formal Events

It is overwhelming not knowing which outfit to choose and what accessories go with each outfit. But let us make it easy for you.

If you want to wear ties, you should be going to a formal dinner, a business meeting, an important college presentation. Or it might even work well if you have an interview.

Ties can go anywhere where a bowtie can but nowadays bowties are like a bold fashion statement that are carried by people who have the self-confidence to do so. Bow ties are also chosen to wear by people who are getting married. It is a fact that a bow tie doesn’t look half as good on anyone as it does on a groom.

When to Wear a Feather Bow tie?

There are no rules of when to and when not to wear a feather bowtie. These are the new type of fashion statements that you can decide to put into your look or avoid them if they are not entirely your type.

A feather bow tie is ultimately a jump from the classic ones that people are so used to seeing. If you want to go for it and think you can carry that look effortlessly, there should be no stopping you!

End Note

You can get all these feather bow ties and more from Mandujour with matching lapel pins and a customised Pine Wood box to protect your bow tie. If you want to know about feather bow ties – check out our blog section where we have covered everything from how to clean feather bow ties – or how to take care of feather bow ties – or how to style feather bow ties with a variety of things. We also have a separate guide for style feather bow ties as a woman. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get special discounts and deals on feather bow ties! 

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