Styling Feather Bowties as a Woman!

Hello, there, you fashion-obsessed females! Do you have a wedding or similar event that you'd like to attend but want to try something different and stand out? Moreover, do you find wearing a dress to be overly cliche?

Now you don't have to be concerned since we have you covered. With evolving fashion trends, a suit with a bowtie is not gender-specific anymore. So why not put on a suit instead? And if you like a look that is a little more playful, a bowtie can be worn loosely over the collar of a white shirt as an additional adornment.

The Beauty of Formal

This time, I'd like to call your attention to some of my favorite ways to wear feather bowties for women this year. Most women think of a bow tie as an item inspired by menswear that helps men appear handsome and elegant, hence standing out. However, this is not necessarily true.

Making the Most of Bowties

Listen up, bowties aren't just for males anymore, as there is a slew of fantastic and eye-catching designs for women to experiment with this year.

If I have managed to capture your attention, you should have a look at this collection of lovely bow ties and the best ways to wear them on the streets and at important events. Continue reading to find out more, and please share your comments with me.

Ideas for Styling Feather Bowties as a Woman

Black suit and that perfect feather bowtie: an iconic duo

A well-fitting two-piece suit with a white blouse will appear great when accessorized with matching feather bowties for women. Wear a black suit with the perfect feather bowtie in the same color as the suit and make the look even more feminine by accessorizing it with a pair of lovely high heels.

Keeping it Simple

Wearing a black bow tie with a suit is essential to keep things simple. Anyone can pull off this classic look, and it is pretty flattering on everyone. Believe me when I say that this slight accent will make your suit appear beautiful and unique.

This style may be worn to black-tie events as well as casual events. It gives you a classy appearance that will draw attention to your uniqueness.

Making it “Yours

If you feel that your attire is too formal, you can always opt to wear shorts rather than trousers. Anyone looking to have some fun with colors and prints should try on colorful feather bowties for women that have been completed in a brilliant hue or printed in a classic or modern print. Believe me when I say that this lovely accessory will make your casual attire look fashionable and unique.

Pretty Accessories 

If you are looking for something unique and sultry, I recommend experimenting with a bow tie choker or necklace. For those who believe that the traditional bow tie is too formal for them, a laid-back and sensual bowtie choker is a better option for them. This piece of jewelry can be included in your everyday street style ensembles without looking out of place. All that is required is to wear it around your neck and pair it with slim-fit clothing.

The Dapper and Chic Look

If you are a hipster girl, likely, you regularly do not include bow ties in your daily activities. Hipster girls can always maintain that delicate balance between a dapper and a chic appearance.

Simply adding a fashionable shirt, bow tie, nerd eyeglasses, and a unique outfit to your ensemble will finish your stylish style. The final, but not least, is a pussy bow that is both feminine and useful in appearance. You can put it on blouses or dresses to go to work if you want to look professional.

Going with Class

Each bow tie is a new take on a classic item, vivid in color and featuring varied, eye-catching motifs and a striking texture that makes each tie unique. Each bow tie is handcrafted with carefully picked feathers that have been painstakingly handed out by a team of 50 talented artisans using traditional methods.


After around four to five hours of work, the wearable work of art is carefully placed within its box for safekeeping. However, the fun doesn't stop with the bow ties. These and other factors have contributed to celebrities becoming more interested in the iconic feather bowties. A couple of weeks ago, Blake Lively and Jamila Jamil were spotted looking stunning in their respective outfits.

You can get the best, sustainably sourced and handmade feather bowties from our shop that comes with matching lapel pins and a custom pinewood box.

Moreover, feather bowties are crafted – not made. Each bowtie is a masterpiece, and can be worn on a variety of occasions. People are wearing feather bowties on weddings in 2022. If you already have some, make sure you know how to clean your feather bowties – and how to take care of your feather bowties. Selecting and matching the right feather bowtie with your formal attire is also something we cover!


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