What Bowtie to Wear with Blue Suit

Bowties are like a cherry on top that completes the entire look. So what do you reckon will happen if you put on a bowtie that contradicts the rest of your outfit? Do you think that will be a good look? It certainly won’t be. That is why here is a guideline of what color bowtie to wear with blue suit.

Choosing the Right Shades

Bowties are supposed to match your outfit so that it doesn’t seem out of place and blends in with the rest of your suit. And this is exactly why you must choose the right shades of the bowtie as well as the suit.

If you have already bought the suit then you need to take a look at it to see what shade of blue is it. Is your blue suit of a dark shade or is it a slightly lighter shade of the navy blue. It can be a baby or sky blue too. The thing is: There are a million shades of blue and if you have already picked a suit for that, you need to get to work to match the rest of the things with it.

What Goes Well with Blue?

The inner that you wear with your blue suit will also either contradict or support the color of bowtie that you choose so it is important that you know what color of bowtie to wear with a blue suit.

Mostly white goes well with blue. But note that it is not always the case and there are some blue shades that only look good when they are paired with black or a darker shade of blue. This is why you need to figure out the type of blue shade that you have brought.

Options that Might go Well with Every Blue Suit

Don’t worry about choosing the right shade and of thinking about what color of bowtie to wear with a blue suit because white goes well with every shade of blue. You can buy a white bowtie to tie around and there are 90 percent chances that it will go well with whichever shade of blue your suit is.

The same might go for a black bowtie. These simple yet classic colors never fail to blend in with almost everything that is thrown at them. At often times you can also merge the white with a little yellow or peace to create a faun/beige shade.

This might look good if the inner you are wearing with your suit is a little darker shade than white. In that case, a grey bowtie might look good too. Other than that, there are peacock feather bowties now widely available. They will go well with the rest of your blue outfit and actually might seem like the proper cherry on top for that blue suit of yours.

Not only that, they look unique, new, and classy in their own ways and might cause a few turned glances of envy towards your by the end of the night!

Matching Feather Bow ties

If you are simply still not sure about a bow tie with your blue suit – consider going with a feather bow tie that would match with it. Feather bow ties are the new fashion statement of 2022, and present a bold and charismatic outlook. Here are a few options that would perfectly go with your suit! 


With a dominating black base and real elegant peacock feathers, this feather bowtie is a statement piece that can go with various shades of blue, plain black, or white.

If the wedding has a black color code, this feather bowtie would be a steal at a 40% discount available on the website.


While dark and bold shades mostly trend, this elegant masterpiece has its own fan following. With a pure white base, a black outline, and peach transparent feather – this feathered bowtie would give you an elegant and classy outlook without much effort.

You can wear this with the black and white extremes, or with a variety of other shades, including boxed and lined blazers too.


It is never the case that all-black is not in trend. The boldness of perfect black, or the contrast of white in black gives cues of a strong charismatic presence. This All-Black Goose Feather Bowtie is crafted keeping the luxury of black in mind.

Made from 100% authentic and natural bird feathers (sustainably sourced), without the addition of artificial colors or dyes, this feathered bowtie is going with anything you have in your wardrobe.

Like all other feathered bowties here, this one comes with a detachable clip for ease of use and a lapel pin of the same shade, everything packed in an aesthetic pinewood box.


We all have experienced the beauty and elegance of Pheasants, and what you might not know is that Pheasants are named after an ancient Greek river (now known as Rioni), due to the royal blue shade, in contrast, giving this feathered bowtie a rich context.

Regardless of that, you can wear this bowtie for all weddings, birthdays, or any special events that require you to look your best, while giving a professional, yet bold outlook!


You can get all these feather bow ties and more from Mandujour with matching lapel pins and a customised Pine Wood box to protect your bow tie. If you want to know about feather bow ties – check out our blog section where we have covered everything from how to clean feather bow ties – or how to take care of feather bow ties – or how to style feather bow ties with a variety of things. We also have a separate guide for style feather bow ties as a woman. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get special discounts and deals on feather bow ties! 

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