The Perfect Easter Gift for a Gentleman | Best Easter Gifts for Men

Let’s be honest, it’s always difficult to shop for men – especially selecting Easter gifts for boyfriends or men could be a daunting task as there is not much to gift. Easter is one of the holidays that is known for children, but there is no reason that adults can’t join in on the fun. Now when selecting easting gifts for men, you have to be careful to give something manly – and not too childish.

That said, we have the perfect Easter gift idea for your boyfriend or husband here. Instead of exploring 10 different ideas, we are covering only one, and how to properly execute it! Because the thing behind gifts is the thoughtfulness – along with the presentation.

The Best Easter Gifts for Men

The best Easter gifts for men would cover a variety of things, and just to keep your choices open here is a short-list:

In short, anything that you man would find useful in his daily life could be made out to be an Easter gift. But wait... what’s special in it then?

Making Your Easter Gift Unique

In order to make a gift unique, there are two major components. First, make select a gift that no one else might be giving off to their boyfriends or husbands on Easter. Second, to think about the presentation.

Easter Day gift for men

You can make your own sweet gift basket. Or perhaps packing the gift in a wooden box, maybe adding in a handwritten letter of appreciation in it, etc. These gestures sometimes mean more to the man than the gift itself. We’ll cover this at the end of the article.

The Perfect Easter Gift for a Gentleman

Wondering what would be the one perfect Easter Gift for a gentleman? Well, we say it’s feathered bowties. Nothing is more exquisite and unique than feathered bowties in today’s fashion world.

Feathered Bowties are the fashion statement of 2022 – would probably still be in 2023, due to the boldness and uniqueness that lingers with the concept and originality of the design. It takes a skilled artisan to make one feathered bowtie perfectly, by using original and real bird feathers, making the outlook just magnificent.

Here are a few options for Easter gifts for your boyfriend in 2022:

Red Black Guinea Fowl Feather Bow Tie

This exquisite red feather bowtie is a masterpiece on its own that would go perfectly as an easter day gift for your boyfriend. Consider this, your man wearing this statement piece with one of his favorite formal dresses. Everyone would be in awe! Plus this piece is on sale right now, you can save up to $40!

White Silver Pheasant Feather Bow Ties

If you think your other half does not like extremely bold colors or looks, then nothing would be better than this simplistic, yet classical masterpiece. This feather bowtie would look more than perfect in contrast with an all-black suit, and would also go smoothly with lighter shades!

Exotic Tweety Feather Bow Tie

A gentleman always appreciates a creative design, and for the ones who like to wear checkered blazers with a  multishade look, this feather bowtie would be the perfect Easter gift for them. You can save $40 on this bowtie right now!

Black Leather and Feather Bow Ties

Considering myself, I’d rather go with this one or an all-black one. This feather bowtie has a leather base, life-long durability, and the dark and elegant shades of blue, on a black base just look beyond charming. This masterpiece is also on our sale, you can avail right now!

Feather Bowtie and Lapel Pin Set

Every feather bowtie you buy at Mandujour comes with a  Lapel Pin that matches the feather on the bowtie. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the lapel pin, and your gift would be complete without much thought.

Moreover, all our feather bowties come in a pinewood exquisite custom box, that would add an extra glow to your gift. You can use the box for the safe keeping of the feathered bowties, as dust is just the most harmful thing for these works of art.

Making Easter Gift Basket for Him

If you want to make an Easter gift basket for him, then be prepared for some crafting at least. The ready-made baskets available online are usually not worth it. Some are good, but you’d have to do your research and go through some trial and error.

On the other hand, if you can make your own easter gift basket for him at home (DIY), nothing could go wrong. If it does, you can always start again. So, you’ll need to buy a gift basket, or make one (there are hundreds of tutorials available on Youtube).

Then, you’d want to select a theme. If you are going with the feather bowtie, then you have one thing already present. You can add the pinewood box into your basket, which will include the feather bowtie and the lapel pin.

Now, you have to add some edibles, that your husband likes. It could be snacks, chocolates, or simple two bottles of beer, or a nice one of wine. Anything works, just make sure he likes it, and you have a quantity to fill in a basket space.

Lastly, decorate the basket with some flowers, or ribbons – and add a handwritten note. That is the most important part. You can simply write a few sentences like how you appreciate his existence and love him. He’d love that, trust me. If you are not sure what to write, you can hire a content agency to help you with that!

To Sum Up

In the end, what really matters is how thoughtful your gift is. Make sure you are putting some context behind what you buy and how you execute the gift-giving process. Feather bowties make the perfect Easter gift for men, whether he is your boyfriend or husband; a gentleman would always love these.

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