The Modern Guide to Beard Styles in 2022


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For the ancient Egyptians, it was a symbol of wealth and status. The Romans grew their beards to mourn, while the Gallus equated the loss of one with another. For 21st century man, though, a beard is an expression of intention rather than a symbol of status.

Facial hair has been rubbed off over the last few years due to money-saving. It is no coincidence that the growth of beard has gone parallel to the global recession and that is not connected to your overall style but your inner expression too. Plus, having the perfect beard style is part of dressing for success.

Moreover, modest, flexible, and versatile beard growth can change an individual's face shape and change how they look in pants and a shirt or suit. Some hair, here and there can make the baby-faced appear old, distract from a thin knife and hide many sins (or chins). In short, it allows man to be the chameleon (Consider this a good thing, given the context here). 

The right beard style, coupled with some essential men's accessories and the right attire, can literally get you anywhere

Which Beard Style to Choose

While social media's influence can not be ignored on the mass fashion-sense, yet we are free to choose what we what. So, if you are wondering which beard style suits me, maybe after an advert on social media or somewhere else, you are at the right place. Whether you have facial hair aphids who want a change of style or need a clean and beard-growing battle plan right now, here are the best beard styles for men to suit both your face and your personality.

First Up Is Stubble

Young Mandujour model with nice beard 2022

In the 1930s, the stubble was not as profoundly cool as it is today. Then there was the indication that a person was lazy or on his face. 'Five Hour Shadow' was a word from a razor company that encouraged men to shave twice a day so as not to show innocence. Nowadays, it's halfway between a clean and a full-on on-the-spot. Of all the beard styles, it is the least demanding to develop, you simply need to quit shaving for a couple of days. It is the easiest to maintain and one that most suits the size of the faces.

It is perfect for men who have baby faces, the stubble instantly adds a sense of maturity and firmness, making it a great option for those struggling to grow a thick, full beard.

It also makes the weak jaw look strong and provides good camouflage for acne scars and rough color-like blemishes. Clean and tidy, it's a style that looks as good in a boardroom as it does in a bar. Keep an eye on the length, though: too short and it looks like you're just squatting; Too long and you'll just look scary. As a rule of thumb, for most boys, the maximum value is three to four days. At this length, the hair will be a little flatter against the face and less likely to cause 'loose haste'.

Special Tip: If stubble is itchy for you, try using a moisturizer on it once a day. It'll make the hair soft, and make the itchiness go away. 

Try Out the Goatee Style

Mandujour mand with nice beard with angry face

Short, big in style to try, the goat has long been choosing facial hair with rocks, intellectuals, and corridors, rebellious lines. It refers to any style that puts the hair above the lips and only on the chin, which is sometimes rooted to form a frame for the face. In short, this is the artistic, somewhat passionate brother of the beard.

The bad boy's facial hair, to add a little edge to his style, or to influence the air of the alternative are the best. They are also perfect if you strive to grow a full beard or find it complicated and uneven when you do it. The Goatee looks especially good on slender, angular faces (but don't let them get too long or they'll make your face look thinner) and a round face can look a little thinner - a recipe used by gooey guru George Michael. They are great for boys with short hair, but when worn with long, short hair, they come into their own.

Beard Stache

mandujour nice beard and nice mustache 2022

Choosing to keep a stubble style and falling somewhere between the whole beard, beard pain is a hybrid where the mustache is kept longer and fuller than the surrounding hair. One keeps juggling between the thought; which beard style suits me? It's a polarizing style that's equivalent to everything from hot news to facial hair, but when done right it crushes masculinity. Those experimenting with style range from designer Patrick Grant to actor Jamie Dorn and model DJ Chris Campbell. Like the standalone stache, there was inevitably something about this style in the 1970s, but it's nice, it shows you have an experimental side, and it has a practical side because it's summer. Lightweight is the perfect alternative to the whole beard.

In the same way that it stares at two-faced hairstyles, the beard mark looks as good on a lumberjack as it does on a smart city, instantly adding a hyper-masculine bump to any face. It works well on most facial shapes but requires thick facial hair and a long wide filter (skin stretch between the upper lip and nose) and a prominent chin face upwards. Looks good on boys because of the caress.

If you are having a little trouble with growing an impactful moustache, then we have the perfect remedy for that. Our beard growth bundle including beard oil and gummies can actually also be used for a better moustache growth! 

Short Beard

handsome mandujour model with beautiful beard

A full beard dildo, down and low lumberjack version, a short beard is a more versatile, less, and office-friendly alternative - if you're protecting yourself from a boss with terrible facial hair. People like Ryan Reynolds, John Hamm, and George Clooney have used this style in recent years to add gravity and insulation to their faces as one of the best beard styles for men. Ideal shrouded middle field - kept clean, but not overly stretched - Nine beards sits perfectly with the suit over a nine hundred and five as it is under the pub on weekends.

A clean beard will suit most face shapes, although you may need to emphasize your best features and prepare the angles to eliminate your worst moves. However, to maintain your skin and beard you could include the Citrus Beard Oil Collection in your daily routine to enhance skin care and beard growth. Blessed with a double chin? Try to get your way to shave Adam's Apple. If in doubt, tilt your beard to your next trim, then keep the shape at home.

Full Beard

handsome man with modern beard holding a hammer

Growing a full beard is a way to learn to drive, drink your first pint (not in mind at the moment), and buy your first 'old age' watch. But like hips for skiing, weight loss, or shooting, it's one of the things that seems more difficult than deciding. The beard is full, it needs a lot of care and you are more likely to have problems. Take time to take care of it, though, and when you don't have a dog around, you always have something to stroke. To nicely maintain your full beard, you could use the Natural Sandalwood Beard Comb.

Of all the beard styles, the whole beard is the hardest to part, partly because it is such a statement. Boys with oval faces will have no problem working, but if you have another face, you will need some creative tricks to ensure its flattery.

Hope that this guide helps you decide which beard style do you want to adapt. However, if you are looking for some amazing personal grooming products, you should visit our store. 

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