How Does Social Media Affect Men's Self-Esteem?

The conversation surrounding the negative effects of social media is often discussed on talk shows and blogs, as well as within other social mediums. However, more often than not, the conversation tends to lean towards teens and women and the effects they experience. But what about men? How does social media affect men’s self-esteem? The following includes a more detailed account of the adverse effects of social media on men’s self-esteem.


When it comes to jealousy, men are vastly different than women in this department. First, consider men in relationships who have a significant other with a presence on social media. Men understand that other men are going to comment and attempt to hit on their girl, but this rarely triggers any jealousy. What does trigger jealousy is when their significant other starts or continues the conversation. Being exposed to this constantly can grow resentment feelings towards their partner as well as lower their self-esteem. Those without a significant other may experience jealousy when they are continuously bombarded with pictures of other girls with “better men.” This, of course, also leads to feeling inferior, and thus, self-esteem begins to lower.

Stress and Mood

Excessively using social media can cause stress and a bad mood. There’s a reason why so many people advise men and women not to look at their phones first thing in the morning. This because one negative post can truly ruin your day. There is a plethora of reasons why stress and mood can be affected. This is only heightened when men tend to have more than one application on their phone. The constant checking can truly become a serious problem if it is not addressed on time and in the proper manner.

Inferiority Complex

When one is constantly being bombarded with images of perfectly chiseled bodies and lavish lifestyles, it can be rather difficult to believe that you’re in a good place in your life. This weighs more heavily on men as they are often seen within most societies as the ones that need to be strong as well as provide for their family. When they are being shown that women they know prefer these types of men, that alone can begin to create an inferiority complex within them.

There are, unfortunately not enough discussions or even research pertaining to the effects on social media and men’s self-esteem. Nevertheless, the effects are very much visible and should be addressed if you or a close friend are dealing with these issues. Always make sure to consult with a professional.