Essential Men’s Accessories for Business Wear

Whether you want to go traditional or modern with your business dress, there are plenty of options. Customizing your business outfit allows you to show personality and color while still remaining professional and business-oriented. Accessories are becoming an increasingly popular way to bring your personal expression and style to your business fashion.

A Tie Bar

A bar or clip is an accessory that is both fashionable and functional. The function of the bar is to clip your tie to your shirt, which will keep it neatly in place throughout your workday. No more neckwear ending up in your lunch, flapping wildly on a windy day or getting in the way. There are plenty of different styles as well. According to Tie Magnet, there are other types of tie accessories similar to a tie bar for individual needs. They can be made of different materials, allowing you to match it to a ring or watch band for instance. Other bars can be colored or shaped into all kinds of different shapes, such as a mustache or animals or brand logos. Although small, the location of a bar in your daily wardrobe draws attention naturally and is a great way to set a tone.


Another traditional fashion item is the cufflink. Often seen at formal events such as weddings and galas, cufflinks are becoming a popular fashion accessory in high-end business styles. Cufflinks can come in many different materials, colors, and shapes. This allows for matching options with your other accessories, rings, watches and more. They allow the wearer to spruce up somewhat boring attire such as a traditional white shirt, especially in the absence of a jacket.

Colorful and Patterned Socks

Socks have become more of a fashion accessory in the last few years. As such, it may be worth reading the room, starting with basic colors or simple patterns before moving on to more bold choices. If your office attire seems to encourage personal touches, though according to Dollar Shave Club, socks can be a way to express yourself and liven up boring outfits. Colors can be matched or used as a contrast against your shirt, neckwear, pants or shoe colors. Patterns run the gamut from basics, such as argyle, to geometric or even patterned with silly choices like foods or animals.

Business fashion has come a long way. While traditional items are still widely worn and promoted, the ability of accessories to change things up by adding some life and color into an ensemble is greater than ever. Just ensure you aren’t running afoul of dress codes or being too outlandish, and you can bring a modern look to a traditional outfit.

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