The Best Gift for Strong Women in 2022!

No one is more beautiful than a strong, confident, and empowered woman. When they are allowed to reach their full potential, women can be as strong and determined as men. However, all women are different, and not all of them love roses and makeup. So, how would you choose the perfect gift for strong women in 2022? We have a great recommendation of gifts for strong women.

Feather Bowties

That’s right! Feather bowties are one of the most amazing gifts for strong independent woman. What makes them special is that feather bowties are extremely unique and stylish, and your friend is going to fall in love with them instantly.

What is a Feather Bowtie?

Ties and bowties have been the most significant men’s accessories for a long time. However, as the trend of bowties is increasing at a rapid pace, women have also started to incorporate bowties into their formal and special attires. Whether it’s a red-carpet event or some other special occasion, females no longer shy away from wearing this beautiful accessory.

As regular bowties are made up of fabrics such as silk, polyester, or cotton, feather bowties are made up of real handpicked feathers.

What Makes Feather Bowties Different Than Regular Gifts?

Feather bowties make the perfect gift for strong women in 2022. As the name suggests, these bowties are made up of actual bird feathers. They have a very soft velvety and silky texture than can even be recognized from far away. They come in a vast range of shades, which include decent tones like brown, black, gray, white, and vibrant shades such as orange, red, blue, and green. So, pick the best gift for strong women in 2022 by choosing from these amazing options.

How to Pick the Perfect Feather Bowtie

The best thing about feather bowties is that there is a large variety of them to choose from. Different species of birds are used to create the perfect bowties, and this is why they are available in so many styles and colors. If you wish to buy great gifts for independent woman, you can select the color that your woman loves the most.

Choose the Women’s Favorite Color

Feather bowties came in different colors and shades. The best way to choose the perfect bowtie as a gift for strong women in 2022 is by choosing her favorite color. Here are some of the best colored bowties.


Bowties that are made from true peacock and pheasant feathers are available in a striking shade of blue and green tones. So, if she’s a fan of the beautiful blue-green tones of the sky and the ocean, then these bowties will make the prefect gifts for tough women.


Moreover, bowties that are made of goose feathers come in different dark shades like black and brown. Therefore, if you want to select a gift that reflects her tough and bold personality, then go for a darker shade of feather bowties.


There are also a variety of vibrant bowties available on the market, such as this one. So, if your woman has a fiery and vibrant personality, then go ahead and buy this bowtie as the gift for strong women in 2022.

Choose the Woman’s Favorite Bird

As we mentioned earlier, the different colors of the bowties come from diverse species of birds. If you want to buy amazing woman gifts that are perfect for bird lovers, then there is no better gift than a feather bowtie. Feather bowties are carefully handcrafted from feathers that come from birds such as peacocks, pheasants, goose, ducks, and much more. Therefore, if your woman loves birds, you can select a bowtie that is crafted from the feathers of her favorite bird.


This is the perfect bowtie for turkey and pheasant lovers. The beauty of those birds is encapsulated within this bowtie.


This bow tie is perfect for those who love exotic animals. The striking green shade of this bowtie makes it the perfect gift for striking women.


If you cannot decide on the right type of gifts for independent woman, then there is no better gift than a feather bowtie. By selecting her favorite color and bird, you can easily choose an amazing gift to make her happy.

You can get the best, sustainably sourced and handmade feather bowties from our shop that comes with matching lapel pins and a custom pinewood box.

Moreover, feather bowties are crafted – not made. Each bowtie is a masterpiece, and can be worn on a variety of occasions. People are wearing feather bowties on weddings in 2022. If you already have some, make sure you know how to clean your feather bowties – and how to take care of your feather bowties. Selecting and matching the right feather bowtie with your formal attire is also something we cover!



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