The Best Father's Day Gift for a Stylish Man

Selecting the perfect Father’s Day gift could be a daunting task, whether you are giving a gift to your own father – a father-like figure in your life, or to the father of your boyfriend or husband. Thus, in this article, we make it very simple for you, by taking a scientific approach towards the best Father’s Day gift in 2022.

The Generic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The thing is, there are some cliché ideas that roam around the internet. These ideas work great in some situations, but you might already have them in mind. Here is a short list of such ideas:

  • A grill
  • Hardware tools
  • A coat or blazer
  • A nice hat
  • Analog Watch

There are a hundred more ideas like this that might sound intriguing but are simply generic. Your father might be expecting a gift like that, and everyone else in your community might give a gift like that.

Yet, it would be wrong to say that these father’s day gift ideas are not worth it. If your father is fond of watches, give him one. In the end, you’re the best judge. But in this article, we are taking a different approach.

The Gifting Variables

There are a variety of variables to consider when selecting the father’s day gift for 2022. The first variable is who are you giving the gift to; your own father, or the father of your boyfriend/husband.

The second factor is your budget, how much you have set aside to spend on this gifting process. While the third factor is their personal likes and dislikes, and how often you meet them.

Have all these variables in mind when you are selecting the perfect father’s day gift this year. We have made the search easy for you by selecting one special father’s day gift idea that would work for all situations!

Feather Bowties

If you do not already know, feather bowties are the major fashion statement of 2022 and would be in 2023 too, perhaps even onwards. There are a variety of reasons why feather bowties are the perfect gift for a gentleman, especially a father figure in your life.

The Uniqueness

father's day gift ideas

A bowtie is somewhat easy to make when we compare it to the manufacturing process of a feather bowtie. The thing is, bowties are made in bulk usually – while feather bowties are handmade and custom-crafted. Not everyone can make a feather bowtie, it’s a process that encompasses several delicate steps, from the design idea to the selection of sustainably sourced feathers, then the handmade craft, etc.

That said, every single feather bowtie is unique in its own way – making it a very special gift that can stay with the person for a lifetime.

The Artistic Outlook

father's day gift for boyfriend

As mentioned above, a feather bowtie is made by a highly skilled artisan who perfects the art of handcraft through years of practice. Thus, each bowtie is a masterpiece – more like an exquisite painting you’d invest in to decorate your home.

A Bold Gusto

father's day gift for husband

Feather bowties are not the most casual choice by people, and someone who wears it gives off a bold and charming outlook. If you want to blend in with the crowd, this might not be the perfect choice for you – but if you want people to notice your charismatic personality in a good way, then go for feather bowties, and style them perfectly.


father's day gift ideas

Men usually prefer gifts that are thoughtful and practical, and feather bowties give that image. If you are giving a father’s day gift to your boyfriend’s father, husband’s father – or your own father – this might be the most perfect choice. Statistically speaking there is a high possibility that he is either in business or has an executive position job, and might have to attend several formal and professional occasions. Feather bowties are going to help him out dressing classy in such events!  

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

The best father’s day gift would be high-quality custom-made feather bowties that are selected with a context. Yes, each feather bowtie has a story – and a context. For example, certain bowties are made with the feathers of extremely rare birds (sustainably sourced of course) that add a touch of exclusivity to the gift.

father's day gift for him

Some bowties are made from local feathers, which would mean a lot to a local resident of that area. Some birds have a history of their own and own unique characteristics – making the bowtie adopt those characteristics and context. Here are two most exquisite feather bowties that you can gift to your own father, or a father-like figure in your life:

The All Black Goose Feather Masterpiece

Goose feathers are extremely rare in this shade, and this bowtie is handmade without any artificial material or colors. The elegant shade of black with a prominent lack of any design or pattern makes this feather bowtie one of our most classy choices. The shade would compliment all suit varieties and would amplify the look of a completely black dress code.

This feather bowtie would make the perfect father’s day gift, and you will get a free lapel pin included in the custom-made Mandujour Pinewood giftbox.

The Gold and White Masterpiece

The Gold and White feathered bowtie are also one of our classics, that amplify darker shades of navy blue and black through a fine contrast while complimenting shades on the other end of the spectrum. This elegant masterpiece is custom-crafted with real white and gold bird feathers that are noticeably rare, making it the perfect father’s day gift. You will get the feathered bowtie along with a matching lapel pin in a Mandujour pinewood custom gift box, that would give an aesthetic unboxing experience and outlook.

The Best Father’s Day Gift for Boyfriend’s Dad

We would recommend going with something a bit more elegant and classy for your boyfriend’s father, especially if you are not aware of his likes and dislikes.

Red Black Guinea Fowl Feather Bow Tie

This exquisite red feather bowtie is a masterpiece on its own that would go perfectly as a father’s day gift for your boyfriend’s father. It has a nice and simplistic outlook, and he is surely going to love it as he could wear it to all sorts of occasions. Plus this piece is on sale right now, you can save up to $40!

The Best Father’s Day Gift for Husband’s Dad

When selecting a father’s day gift for your husband’s dad you want to be more specific to his likes and dislikes, thus we would recommend you to check out our feather bowtie collection and select one that you think would suit his style and personality. Regardless of that, here is one of our masterpieces that would surely fit in as a feather’s day gift for your husband’s father.

White Silver Pheasant Feather Bow Ties

This simplistic and classy white base feather bowtie is something an elegant gentleman would fall in love with at first sight. It is diverse to wear, would go perfectly with either all-black or all-white attires.

Black Leather and Feather Bow Ties

If your husband’s dad loves leather, then this feather bowtie with a leather base and an exquisite extremely rare blue-shade feather would be perfect for him!

Packing a Father’s Day Gift Bag

Now that you have selected the perfect father’s day gift for your boyfriend’s dad, it’s time to talk about gift presentation, using a father’s day gift bad. The thing is, all Mandujour feather bowties come in high-quality Pinewood custom-made boxes, and a matching lapel pin to complement the set.

best father's day gift ideas

Yet, you might want to consider making a father’s day gift bag. You can buy a simple gift bag on Amazon, or perhaps create one yourself by being a little crafty at home. You’d want to add a handwritten letter of appreciation from you and your boyfriend/ husband to make it all the more special!

To Sum Up

At the end of the day, what really matters is how thoughtful is your father’s day gift, and how you present it. Working on the father’s day gift bag, or maybe creating a DIY father’s day gift basket, adding a handwritten note, etc – would increase the value of your gift.

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