Styling Feather Bow ties - 5 Major Tips | How to Style Feather Bow Ties

Feather bow ties are increasingly becoming a fashion statement nowadays. Having their origins in the 17th century, feather bow ties are still worn today. This is one of the most versatile accessories that are being incorporated into all kinds of formal attires.

The best thing about feather bow ties is that they can also be worn by women. However, these are still more common among the male community. There are many ways to add a feather bowtie to your attire. The only issue is that it is such a unique accessory that one wrong choice can make you look too bold or too perky. Here are a few feather bowtie tips to complete your formal outfit in the best way possible.

All Black

One of the best ways to wear a feather bowtie is by going all black. Nothing appears classier and more fashionable than a head-to-toe black outfit. You can wear a pure black feather bowtie matched with a black suit. However, if you want to add a touch of color to your look, you can settle for a black bowtie with patterns on it.

All White

Another one of the best feather bowtie tips is to go all white. Whether you are going to a wedding or a Red-Carpet event, this look will always make you look classy and refined. You can wear a pure white suit with a pure white feather bowtie. However, if you do not wish to appear all white, you can choose a white bowtie with different colors or patterns on it. This is the best outfit idea if you want to seem simple, elegant, and graceful.

Wear in Contrast

One of the greatest feather bowtie tips is to choose a bowtie in contrast with your suit. Nowadays, feather bow ties are becoming a common fashion style among celebrities. Such celebrities represent their personality traits through their choice of bow ties.

Celebrities such as Blake Lively and Bill Murray have been spotted wearing vibrant bow ties on many occasions. At a formal event, Blake Lively wore a bright blue tuxedo with a white shirt and orange feather bowtie. This clearly portrays the different ways to incorporate feather bow ties into your look.

One way to choose a bowtie is by choosing a color that lies opposite on the color wheel. For example, with a blue tuxedo, you can wear an orange or brown feather bowtie. If you’re wearing a green suit, you can wear a red feather bowtie. However, this tip is great if you do not shy away from appearing vibrant and perky.

Go a Few Tones Higher or Lower

If you do not want to seem too colorful and flashy, one way to contrast your bowtie with your suit is by settling for a few shades darker or lighter than your suit. For example, if you are wearing a navy-blue suit, wear black or a darker shade of feather bowtie.

Moreover, if you are wearing a white tux, go for a light gray feather bowtie. This is one of the greatest feather bowtie tips to help you look elegant and stylish. With this method, you will not have to worry about looking too mismatched or different.

Go Freestyle!

This tip is for all those men who value their individual fashion style and freedom. If you do not care about what others will think about your outfit and wish to display your true sense of freedom, then wear the bowtie that attracts you the most.

There are plenty of parameters to help you with this method. You can choose a bowtie that is crafted from your favorite bird feather. Or, you can let your mood decide the type of bowtie you want to wear. Moreover, if a certain color attracts you the most, wear it! Another tip is to match the tone of your feather bowtie with the color of your eyes. This will enhance the color of your eyes even more and make you look lively and cheerful.


Feather bowties are no doubt one of the most amazing accessories. However, it can be tricky to choose the right type of bowties. By following these simple yet effective feather bowties tips, you can easily select the right type of bowtie for yourself. Furthermore, check out our website if you wish to buy 100% authentic feather bowties crafted from real bird feathers.

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