Feather Bow Ties Making a Trend in 2022?

The times when bow ties were the most luxurious accessory in a man’s wardrobe are pretty much gone. For the last few years, we have been seeing an up-slope trend in the popularity of feather bow ties and feather lapel pins. The reason is simple, wearing a feather bow tie, is like wearing an art masterpiece around your neck, made only for you. 

Why do I say that? Well, let’s find out! 

What are Feather Bow Ties?

The regular bowties are made from simple fabric. They can be clip-on or look like a thin tie that you have to tie yourself. Now, feather bowties are made from real bird feathers. They come with a clip-on (always) and need some taking care of. 

The special thing is, that no industry-grade machine makes feather bowties - they are made by hand. All of them, one by one, are handmade. And it’s not an easy thing. Only a few skilled artisans around the globe know how to make them perfectly. Hence, each feather bowtie is a masterpiece that you simply can not ignore. 

Are They That Popular?

They are popular for sure, but not yet saturated. Which might be a good thing for you. Many major celebrities are wearing feather bowties to show off their personality - along with that, since 2020, many grooms and groomsmen around the globe have selected feather bowties as their preferred bowtie. Reason? Feather bowties make you look unique. 

That is because they are not saturated yet. Not everyone knows about feather bowties, and not everyone has the personality to pull on-off. 

Do Birds get Harmed?

That is one of the major concerns of all feather bowtie lovers. If the bowties are made from real bird feathers, then are these feathers plucked? Well, many manufacturers out there are doing that to meet the supply. 

But you can trust Mandujour in this regard. We regularly have our feather bowties out of stock, because we refuse to source bird feathers in a way that would harm the birds. We have a detailed article about this issue that would shed some light on how we source our feathers. 

How to Get Feather Bowties!

While there are many manufacturers out there, we are proud to present our feather bowties collection that is nature-minded, unique in every way, and pocket-friendly! Here are some of our best-selling articles that you are going to love! 


An exquisite masterpiece with 100% real bird features sourced with a no-harm policy. This masterpiece would go with any suit and rock the event. 


Made for a classy look, and sassy finish. This formal masterpiece is perfect for the time when you want to impress someone with your aura. 


If you feel like going bold every once in a while, this masterpiece would help you achieve that. Perfect for dark contrast coats and shirts. 


Another rather bold piece that would make you stand out from the crowd within seconds. This original design masterpiece is one of our best sellers!


No explanation is needed as to why this feather bow tie is a masterpiece. You might hear people lose their breath after taking a look. 

Key Takeaway

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