Choosing the Right Feather Bowtie for Your Personality

Accessories are important accessories when it comes to completing your outfit. Without the right type of accessories, one cannot have the desired effect on their overall attire.

Therefore, accessories are the embellishments for your dresses that help you look unique, stylish, and elegant. There are multiples styles of accessories out there, such as watches, ties, and cufflinks, but the best among them is a feather bowtie.

What are Feather Bowties

Feather bowties are a variant of regular bowties. Unlike the other bowties that are made out of fabric, feather bowties are crafted from real bird feathers. These feathers are carefully handpicked and crafted skillfully to form a beautiful and sophisticated bowtie.

However, picking the right type of feather bowtie can be a tricky task as they are available in a large range of colors and styles. Therefore, here are a few tips that can help you choose the perfect bowtie that matches your style and personality.

How to Choose a Feather Bowtie

One way to choose the right type of feather bowtie is by matching it with your personality traits. Every individual is different from the other. As a result, every person has a different set of choices, tastes, attributes, and personalities.

Therefore, to pick the perfect bowtie, it is important to recognize your characteristics first.

1. Bold and Confident

The process of selecting a bowtie is quite simple if you do not shy away from appearing bold and confident. if you want to emanate confidence and boldness, you can choose a feather bowie that is more on the darker side. Shades like black, navy blue, and dark green are the best options in this case.

2. Classy yet Elegant

Wearing the perfect feather bowtie is the perfect way to exhibit class and elegance. If you do not want to wear a bowtie that is too flashy or colorful, you can always opt for softer tones. Nothing will make you seem more elegant than a white feather bowtie with golden ones. Moreover, colors like pastel blue, cream white, and gray also make you appear more graceful.

3. Perky and Vibrant

Another way to choose a feather bowtie is by matching it with your vibrant personality. As mentioned above, feather bowties are crafted from different birds with different colors. Therefore, there are countless options to choose from, such as yellow, pink, red, orange, blue, etc. Feather bowties are the type of accessory that surely sets you apart from others. Therefore, a lively colored bowtie will not only make you look unique but also uplift your spirits.

4. A blend of fun and elegance

Can't choose between decent or vibrant bowties? Don’t worry, you can also find a bowtie that looks refined but also has a pop of bright color. For example, you can wear feather bowties that have a darker base but also have streaks or patterns of brighter shades. Such bowties are perfect if you want to look unique but also don’t want to turn too many heads, then these kinds of bowties are best for you.

5. Match the Bowtie with Your Mood

Another way to choose a feather bowtie is by matching it with your current mood. Are you feeling cheerful and perky? Wear a bright-colored feather bowtie. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, go for a dull shade of bowtie. Let your mood decide for you.

Finding the best bowtie is not an easy task, especially if you are looking for a high-quality one. Here's a list of the best feather bowties from


This elegant and refined bowtie has been crafted to suit all your sophisticated needs. The soft white of this bowtie has been elegantly painted with white streaks to add a royal touch to your attire.


No person can fail to look amazing in a pure white feather bowtie. This bowtie will make an amazing accessory to complement your outfit in all colors.


Want to look bold and dominant? This feather bowtie is the one for you. Wear this bowtie to your formal occasions to have a strong impact on others.


Feather bowties are one of the most versatile accessories. These accessories play an important role in shaping your look. Therefore, a few simple tips can help you choose the best feather bowtie to match your personality.

If you want to know about feather bow ties – check out our blog section where we have covered everything from how to clean feather bow ties – or how to take care of feather bow ties – or how to style feather bow ties with a variety of things. We also have a separate guide for style feather bow ties as a woman. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get special discounts and deals on feather bow ties! 




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