Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday – The Best Day to Buy? Guide 2023

Like every year, November is about to finish – Black Friday is here, and Cyber Monday is going to follow. We all have our lists, and are not 100% sure when to make the purchase, and from where.

Today, we try to put the final word to this argument – or confusion. Black Friday usually falls on the fourth Friday of November – which turns out to be 25th November in 2023. While Cyber Monday is three days after, the Monday to follow.

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday – Traditionally

Traditionally, Black Friday was the main event – the big day to shop, and the biggest day for retailers and brands to sell. That has changed quite a bit recently. We have Cyber Monday now, which has been increasing in popularity. Some would even say that the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is almost negligible.

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday – 2023

In 2023, the difference between black Friday and Cyber Monday is going to be negligible – yet, when you have a list, even a small difference in price matters.

Black Friday

Consider Black Friday for the big ticket items. Things like a TV, or an AC – along with items that don’t directly relate to the “tech” niche. That’s when you get the best discount for Fashion, Beauty, or other such niches.

For example, At Mandujour we have slashed prices by 70% for Black Friday – as we know this is the main event for us. It’s hard to fit in Cyber Monday for Non-Cyber brands and retailers.

Cyber Monday

On the other hand, Cyber Monday is best for items you’d like to gift someone – like Airpods. Small ticket items, that also relate to the tech industry usually go on bigger sales on Cyber Monday.

But this might not always be true – not for all retailers and brands out there.

When Is the Best Time to Buy?!

We would recommend going for Black Friday sales – but the answer varies brand to retailer. If you are going to shop from Amazon, the best bet is to buy on Cyber Monday – as they give better discounts on Cyber Monday.

On the other hand, for Walmart & Costco – you might want to make your purchase on Black Friday sale, as prices might drop for many items by Cyber Monday.

How Do I Know When to Buy?

If you have a list, and you’re not sure when to buy the specific item, ask yourself what niche or category that item falls in. Is it a big-ticket item? Is it tech related? Then check out the deals for the product on different retailers, and compare.

You can keep checking to know when that product goes on the lowest sale. Remember, if the discount is good – then it’s probably the final discount. It’s never going to go too good to be true – if it is, you better check for scam.

How to Save Money on Black Friday

There are a variety of ways to save money on black Friday, that range from finding the right coupon, scrapping the web for deals, or clever tricks like the abandoned cart. We have covered everything in our Black Friday holiday guide:

14 Ways to Save Money on Black Friday Sales 2023

140+ Black Friday Coupons and Deals You Can’t Miss


At the end, Black Friday is still the biggest holiday event for sales, and it’s best if you check everything out. The big retailers usually have a better margin and can go lower on prices – while at times the local brands or stores would go negative margin on a few products to get sales going.

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