16 Pro Ways to Save Money on Halloween 2023 | Halloween Guide 2023

Halloween is almost here and some of us might be going broke. All these winter holidays are coming one after another and then the black Friday sales are getting a little overwhelming now.

Typically, people think it’s Christmas that’s costly, but wait till you find out how much stores make during the Halloween season.

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to become something you’re not and feast on candies. Now, who wants to miss out on that? We’re here to make sure you don’t!

Saving Money this Halloween

What comes first - candy or costume? We think both. After all, it's all about priorities. While candy doesn’t cost a lot, adding up a great costume may make you go broke. But you don’t have to worry, because we’re here to help.

Below, we have mentioned 16 ways to save money on Halloween so you can save money on the Halloween sale.

Best Ways to Save Money on Halloween 2023

1.   Thrifting

One of the best ways to save money on Halloween sales Is by visiting your local thrift shops. All you need to have been an idea in mind and directions to a nearby thrift store.

Thrift stores have something for everyone. Whether it’s good accessories or a full costume. And the best part? No matter what you buy, be it a wedding dress or fake blood and teeth for your vampire costume; it’ll be cost-effective.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the nearest thrift store and we’re sure you’ll find something. 

2.   Scroll Through Amazon

Amazon is famous for its affordable prices and great deals and discounts. So, if you’re someone who prefers online shopping, head over to amazon for your costumes and accessories.

They have all kinds of accessories from fake blood, and teeth to masks, hats, and witch brooms, and it’s all super cheap.

Moreover, if you’re smart enough you’ll know how to utilize their cashback methods to save money on the Halloween sale for Amazon.

3.   Swap the Costumes

Halloween comes every year and getting a new costume every year sometimes feels like a waste of money. But who doesn’t like wearing something new every Halloween while trying to save money on the Halloween sale?

We’ve got a great idea for you: swap the costumes. If you liked your friend’s Halloween costume last year and they liked yours, might as well swap them this year.

Borrowing their Halloween costume and lending yours is a great way to save a whole lot of money. You’ll be getting a brand-new outfit for free.

4.   DIY the Costume

This is one of the ways to save money on Halloween that requires a bit of creativity. If you’ve got an idea in mind, why not use your DIY side to execute it yourself?

DIYs are usually cheaper and you get to discover an outlet of interest in art too. Moreover, creating a DIY masterpiece with your friends and family can be fun too.

5.   Dollar Store

Costumes and candies aside, decorations alone cost a lot. But the good thing is: there are high chances of finding good decor in cheaper places like dollar stores.

Moreover, some dollar stores also have a separate seasonal aisle section where they sell Halloween accessories and decorations.

If you fail to find good decorations, you can always head over to the supplies section, get the stuff, and DIY the decorations yourself. It'll be fun creating decor with your family.

6.   Get Your Decor Printed

Why get the stickers at high rates when you get them printed and glued to your walls and doors? The difference in prices that a little creativity can make is mind-blowing.

Getting your Halloween stickers printed for decor is one of the most effective ways to save money on Halloween.

Several online websites have printable images. Get them printed, cut them out, and paste them wherever you like.

Moreover, most of these sites also have spooktacular cards and treat boxes for that extra pop of Halloween fever.

7.   Grocery Stores for Pumpkins

Halloween stores do have traditional pumpkin patches that seem like the only pumpkins you can buy when it comes to Halloween but you’ve got other options too.

These patches are usually overpriced and why wouldn't they be? But they aren’t the only option available.

You can always head over to the nearest grocery store and buy as many pumpkins as you want. Oftentimes, you may even get a pumpkin for half price if you’re lucky enough.

8.   Make your Treats

Why spend extra dollars on buying treats and food when you can make it at home? This is a really good way to cut down the price and save money on the Halloween sale in 2023.

Baking treats at home might not seem like an ideal way to save money, but just check out the prices of flour and sugar at your local grocery store. They’re super cheap and you won’t even have to buy these again and again.

There are tons of different recipes out there that are specific to Halloween. Be it a fun hot dog or pumpkin cheeseballs, there’s something for everyone!

Save Money on Halloween 2023 Pro Tricks!

9.   Clearance Sales

This may sound like one of the long-term ways to save money on Halloween, but the clearance sales after Halloween will make you forget that.

Halloween comes every year and similar stuff is restocked over and over again. So why not buy it all now on clearance sales?

Preparing for next year’s Halloween now will cost you approximately half the price. That’s because stores offer flat discounts of up to 90%. That is an insane way to save money on the Halloween sale in 2023.

So once this Halloween is over, head over to the stores and look for clearance sales. Make the most out of them and save the stuff in storage for next year. Your future self will thank you for it.

10.                Make a List

This might seem like a regular trick to save money on Halloween 2023, but it saves a lot of time, energy, and money.

The trick is to plan everything. Make sure you know what you want to wear – and hunt for it on different brands.

Have a list of all the decorations you need, and go hunting!

11.                Buy Candy in Bulk

Buying candy in bulk from wholesale stores is the best way to save money on the Halloween sale in 2023. Local stores like Costco offer great deals when you buy candy in bulk.

Moreover, various local stores sell candy wholesale that costs less for every ounce you buy.

12.                The Abandonment Cart Trick

One of the oldest tricks in the book of a pro shopper to save money on Halloween is using the abandonment cart trick.

The process is simple, visit the stores you want to buy from, and add all the items you want to the cart. Now leave it as it is – and wait for the brand to email you.

Their first email might just be a reminder, but the second one is probably going to have a nice discount to make sure you end up checking out the cart.

This great method to save money on Halloween can work for other holidays as well, but sometimes – it doesn’t work.

13.                Subscribe to Email Newsletter

When the abandonment cart trick does not work – go for the newsletter method. The process is that you subscribe to the email newsletter or any insider subscriber list of all the brands from which you want to shop.

In the next few days, you are going to get a lot of promotional emails including discounts and offers to make you have your first purchase. You can save a lot of money on Halloween doing this.

14.                Follow on Social Media

Some brands just don’t do email marketing but are more active on social media. Make sure to check out, and follow the social media accounts of the brands you have an eye on. Especially go for Instagram and Pinterest. Statistically, brands are more likely to post their discounts over these two platforms.

This way saving money on Halloween 2023 can work for other holidays as well.

15.                Buy for Everyone & Divide!


Another pro-shopper trick for Halloween decorations, candies, and food – is to buy in bulk. But what if you don’t need the 10k candy box, even if it’s cheap?

Well, message your friends, family, and neighbors, and ask them if they want to invest in that purchase.

That way you can get the benefit of buying in bulk (cheap), and wouldn’t have to invest much. This method to save money on Halloween works well for literally anything – other than the costumes.

16.                Buy from Non-Specialty Stores

Well, there are specialty stores that will sell well-curated Halloween costumes, decorations, candies, etc.

Then some brands are non-specialty and are not themed according to holidays. These stores usually have better rates. For example, buying a formal Lucifer costume from Spirit Halloween is going to be a tad bit expensive – but buying a suit from Mandujour is not going to be expensive – and you can use it as a costume.

Key Takeaway

Saving money on Halloween – or any other holiday – is not too difficult. Many people never use coupons, discounts, or tricks and end up losing a lot of money they can use to buy something else.


We hope our tricks help you this year – and as for the treat, Mandujour is giving off 50% off on Pre-Halloween sales. Subscribe now to get special discounts and coupons before everyone else!

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