Traveling to New York? Here's What You Need to Know

I see you're planning to travel to New York, great. I mean as you should. Travelling can bring happiness to most of us. It's intriguing. Are you nervous about traveling to New York because it's your first time there? But, it's okay, it's normal to be stressed, and I agree that it can be stressful sometimes.

New York, as we all know, is known as the city of dreamers, with its tall buildings and beautiful roads. Many people love traveling there since it's such a big city. If you're confused about what to do as soon as you land there, no worries, I've made a list of things you need to know before you plan to travel to 'The City' aka; New York City! 

Things You Need to Know

  1. Navigation by Public Transportation

When I say, the traffic in New York City is horrible, believe me, it is the worst. You could be stuck, at the same traffic signal for 20 minutes, which is crazy. The best way to get to your destination is the good old public transportation.

  1. Rent a Car

If you're planning on renting a car in New York, then don't. All because of the traffic, it is so bad, as I mentioned, the traffic there is horrible, and you'll be stuck there.

Subway is always a better option to go from one place to another. It’s cheap too. Soo, it’s better to take a subway!

  1. Eat at Local, Not Chain Restaurants

Let's get moving on to my next point. I'd suggest you eat at a local restaurant rather than eating at chain restaurants unless it's a famous 5-star place. We all know how NYC is known for its places to eat. But, before you go to a big restaurant, you need to make a reservation.

If you're a person who likes eating a variety of food, then I've listed some amazing places for you to eat at:

  • Old Homestead Steakhouse in Meatpacking
  • Chelsea Market
  • Katz’s Delicatessen: Classic Jewish Deli
  • Sushi Noz
  • Farida
  • Blue Willow
  1. Tipping

You must know about this tip. It's important to tip the waiters in the restaurants and cab taxis. They would let you know about the tip thing themselves. It's all because the business owners there do not pay the workers as they should.

In Asia, and Europe there is no such tip thing, but it is in New York.

Tipping is mostly about 15% - 20%. If you ride a taxi, they add this tip to your ride fare. As for the restaurants, they add it to your bill. They'd let you know about it.

  1. New Yorkers being Friendly

I have no idea why but for some reason, New Yorkers are mistaken for being rude and unfriendly. But, trust me, they're not. If you walk on a street and ask for help from a decent-looking human, they'd help you.

You can even ask the cops over there for help since they know the city so well.

So, New Yorkers are not unfriendly, they are just always in such a rush, stressed, overworked, and busy all the time, that is why they may be a little rude, but that is not how it is all the time. You should see everything from different perspectives.

  1. Traffic Rules of Side Walks

It’s hard to believe how Side Walks have their own traffic rules, funny but cool at the same time.

Side Walks are always crowded and busy with people walking and going to their perspective destinations. If you try to stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture or you're just tired of walking, then that is one big mistake because people tend to get mad if you stop in the middle, as that might disturb all the traffic on the sidewalk.

If you do want to stop, then first find a place near the sidewalk. Stop there and take a photo of the State Emperor or whatever you want to do.

  1. DO NOT Take Empty Subway Car

When you swipe your metro card and wait at the station, you see an empty subway car. I bet you'd get so excited and happy because there won't be people in it, and you won't have your shoulders bump into each other. I could see all the introverts being happy about it.

But do not at any cost take the empty subway because it either will have a bad air conditioning system or it'll be super smelly. After all, it's empty for a reason.

  1. Tourist Traps

My dear tourist, there are and always will be tourists traps anywhere you go. And, you need to avoid them at all costs for a better experience.

For example, someone will try to sell you a Michael Kors bag for only 20$, my dear that’s straight up a trap, because we all know how much a Michael Kors bag costs!

So, try to avoid people like these and traps, and enjoy your trip there.

  1. For all my lovely Ladies

Ladies listen up, it's sad to say this, but some men in NYC think it's all good and okay to whistle at any female passing. They even call you different names. Stuff like this mostly happens near a construction site.

But, don't be afraid, be confident, and just walk past them like you didn't hear anything.

  1. How the Streets Run

It’s important to learn the way the street runs.

So basically, the city runs on North and South, East to West. All the streets in the avenue are one-way streets, so there aren't many curving streets.

As for the street names, they are numerically numbered. The higher the streets, the higher numbers, the lower the streets, the lower the number goes, and to the downtown. Then from downtown, the naming of the streets starts.

  1. Shoes

You must be wondering, what are shoes doing here? But, if you want to walk in NYC or wanting to take a stroll around there, then you must wear comfortable shoes, so you don’t get tired.

But, if you still want to look good in your photos, then take an extra pair of shoes with you in your bag. Simple as that.


I hope by now you are familiar with the city rules because I tried my best to tell you everything you need to know before you travel to New York.

I hope you have an amazing journey there in NYC and have lots of fun. Just so you know, NYC is expensive, so make sure you use your money accordingly. Have a great trip!

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