The Best Gift Ideas for Your Dad in 2022

Selecting a good gift for your dad could prove to be a daunting task. Dads love classic things, yet they can also use something modern - but they are very selective (usually), about what they are going to use or not. 

The pressure is real, but you don't have to worry. In this blog, we are covering the top 10 best gifts for a dad. These are simple classic gifts that any dad would love and use. The list is made keeping in mind the practicality of gifts. 

Top 10 Gifts for Your Dad in 2022

Here is a list of top 10 gifts for your dad in 2022 that he is going to love, and use in his daily life. 


Bowties are classic, but feather bowties are making a fashion statement in 2022. Made from real bird feathers, these bowties are the ultimate transformation of a bowtie. There are a variety of colors, shades, and styles available on our website. With the bowtie you would get a matching lapel pin, and a pinewood custom-made box.


If the list of choices is making you a bit dizzy, perhaps try going with an analog watch. This classic gift is perfect for everyone. This Mandujour Analog Watch comes with a life-long durability range, designed for making your gift premium. The receiver would be lucky to have one, and you can snatch this article at a discount right now.


Another thing that men love is leather wallets. Yet, we all know that a wallet is not changed until the previous one is completely worn out.

This Lambskin Pure Leather Wallet is a perfect gift for 2022. The premium quality leather would make sure that the wallet lasts a long time, while the designer finish makes it perfect for modern needs.


If you live in one of the areas with extreme cold, and windy weather – perhaps a long woolen wind coat might be a better option. This particular coat is made with premium quality woolen, that would not wear out anytime soon. You can expect it to last at least a few decades with proper care. Moreover, this coat can be worn on anything – so you don’t have to worry about the colors.


Another one of the gifts that your big brother is going to love is the leather jacket. The truth is, all men love leather jackets for some reason – and if your brother doesn’t have one, perhaps this is the time to gift him.

The best thing about leather jackets is their durability, usability, and sleek outlook they present. This all-black leather jacket comes in different sizes and cuts to make sure they sit perfectly on the receiver of your gift.


There is no age for a good formal cotton dress shirt. This special-stitch Slim Fit Dress shirt is perfect for almost everyone out there. Made with premium quality fabric, and a designer cut, this shirt is going to last a lifetime. There are a variety of colors available, but we would recommend going with a plain white – which goes with most suits out there.


There are a variety of reasons why a casual blazer proves to be one of the best gifts you can give. Firstly, a blazer is something wearable – and thus usable. People love gifts they can use in their daily life. Secondly, a good blazer makes you look good – and lasts a lifetime. In other words, the receiver would remember everything they wear the blazer.


In the domain of wallets, leather ones are not your only option. In the modern day, many people prefer to have custom wallets with RFID Blocking technology. The number of RFID scammers has been increasing in the past few years, so if the person you are selecting the gift for has a lot of credit cards or RFID Enabled cards, an RFID Blocking wallet like this might be the perfect purchase!


One of the most classic no-brainer gift ideas is a simple, elegant, and diverse cufflinks set. Everyone needs to have at least one good cufflink set in their wardrobe. At Mandujour, we have a wide variety of cufflink sets and custom gift packs for them. You can scroll through our Cufflinks section to select something you’d like.


The last one on our list would be a Stylish Tie Clip. While we have a huge variety of classic and simple tie clips available, it is best to check out the more modern designs. This is a perfect gift for people who like to wear (or have to wear) formal from time to time. A good tie clip goes a long way.

Make it Personalised

One simple rule to make your gift stand out is to make it personalized. People love gifts that have a backstory, or context. For example, if your Dad mentioned how he wanted a new tie clip the other day. 

To make it more obvious, consider writing a short handwritten letter. Fold it, and put it in the gift box. 


At the end of the day, gift giving is about showing that you care, and making them feel loved and happy. Make sure your gift presentation is as good as the gift itself. Consider adding in a dinner with the gift, spend some time with your father,, and make him feel loved. 

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