Best Feather Bowties for Senior Citizens in 2022

Feather bowties are making a strong appearance in the fashion industry, and due to solid reasons. No one can argue that feather bowties are the revolutionary upgrade to bowties that everyone has been waiting for centuries.

While there are only a few who are manufacturing feather bowties around the globe, Mandujour makes sure to provide you with premium quality custom build feather bowties that are environmentally friendly.

Today, we are going to discuss which feather bowties are best for senior citizens as a gift.

What to Keep in Mind When Giving Your Senior a Gift

Our seniors are to be respected and treated with care. They have done their part for this country and the world, and it is now time for them to rest and enjoy their remaining days. That said, senior citizens usually have a very strict compass of likes and dislikes. Thus, it would be a great idea to ask them beforehand what colors, styles, and things they like.

If for some reason, that cannot be the case – then going with our curated choices might be a great option. Here are some classic feather bowties that senior citizens are simply going to love:

The All-Black Masterpiece

The All-Black Feather bowtie set is an elegant, simple, and stylish masterpiece by Mandujour. This feather bowtie gives a bold all-black look, and compliments almost anything in your wardrobe. One can wear it with a plain black suit, a mono-color tuxedo, or even with contrasting shades.

The New-York Style

With a black base and elegant feathers of blue and purple shades, this feather bowtie is best for most formal occasions. It gives a pleasant and elegant outlook, without making you too prominent or bold. The royal shades of natural blue and purple make this feather bowtie one of our top sellers.

The All-White Masterpiece

For those who love elegance and simple colors, this is another one of our top sellers. The All-White Masterpiece by Mandujour is made of real snow Goose feathers. The feathers give a textured outlook, that would make you prominent without going bold. This masterpiece can go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Pheasant Greenish Orange Feather Bowtie

Another one of our most elegant feather bowtie articles is the Pheasant Greenish Orange Feather Bowtie. Like all others, this feather bowtie comes with a matching lapel pin set to make the color-code coherent. The dull and dark shades of green and orange make this feather bowtie perfect for formal events where you don’t want to go too bold. The perfect match would be contrasting black, brown, orange, or green suits.

Packing Up Your Gift

Selecting the gift is only half the process. The presentation covers the other half. You’d want your feather bowtie gift to be packed in a nice wooden box – which Mandujour provides. Our custom Pinewood box would make your gift stand out and look exquisite.

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, a good gift is always personalized. Make sure your feather bowtie is suited for the receiver and is according to their likes or dislikes. Moreover, make sure you know how to take care of feather bowties, or how to style feather bowties to make your wardrobe look more exquisite.


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