14 Pro Ways to Save Money on Black Friday Sale 2023 | Tricks - Discounts - Coupons

The holiday season has started and major sales are almost here. Brands go crazy on Black Friday sales, as it is one of the three main holiday events to boost their revenue.

While some are happy simply going to their local grocery store and shopping for whatever is on sale – the pro shopper has a list of tricks up their sleeve to boost their savings.

14 Ways to Save Money on Black Friday Sales

Most of how to save money when shopping online tricks are ever-green, work on all holidays sales – yet, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know them. Here we’ve categorized the best ways to save money when shopping for Black Friday Sales!

The Cliché Tricks to Save Money

Here are some “everyone knows but no one follows” tricks that are very important if you want to boost your savings this Black Friday!

1.     Make a List

Nothing beats a good list – especially when it comes to budgeting. Surveys show that 70% of the people who shop with a list and stick to it do not feel any guilt or feel like they’ve overspent later on.

Not having a list, even on major sale events like Black Friday can cause you to overspend. The simple method would be to make a list by categories – and estimate what you’ll be spending.

2.     Shop Online

Many people like to have their shopping cart physical – but that might not be the best method to save money. Big chains like Walmart and Costco also have great sales for their physical stores, but small brands usually prefer if you shop online.

Moreover, many brands do not have physical stores – a big example would be Amazon, while there are countless small brands as well.

3.     Compare (Always)

I can not emphasize enough the power of comparing items before putting them in your cart. If you are shopping online, consider comparing the item to different brands and see where you can get the best deal.

4.     Set a Budget

Another great way to save money while shopping online for Black Friday would be to set up a budget. Having a list is great, but putting a budget restriction is better.

Before you do anything, ask yourself how much you want to spend on this holiday sale. Then set that limit for yourself. You can add your partner or a family member to the list for accountability.

The Coupon Magic

Coupons are a great way to save money, and most brands have coupons that work on sales. That is something we can use to our advantage. The only question is where you can find the best coupons for black Friday sales.

5.     Find Coupons on the Website

Every brand has some coupons listed somewhere on its website. On events like Black Friday, you will see voucher codes, discount codes, and coupons all over the official website of the brand. It is good to make sure you check everything out, maybe a free shipping coupon works on the already discounted item.

6.     Find Coupons on Google

Another great way to find coupons for every brand is to search it up on Google in this format: “[Brand Name] + Coupons” or “[Brand Name] + Black Friday Coupons”.

There are many good coupon reserves available – some even offer cashback. We do not prefer one over the other, so you’d have tried a few.

7.     Get a Coupon Extension

Most of the coupon reserve websites have their own Google Chrome or Firefox extensions. That’s another reason why shopping online is a better option.

One way would be to simply open the Chrome Store and search for “Coupon” – that is ought to show you some good extensions. You can download the one with great reviews.

The extension is going to cut the manual labor for you of searching coupons for each brand. All you have to do is click the extension and it would automatically try out everything that works and get you the best deal!

Brands Love Long-Term Customers

For a brand or store – there are two major goals: getting sales (customers) and converting those customers into loyal customers. This is something you can try to use to your advantage.

No, you don’t have to shop a lot to be a loyal customer – you only have to show that you are one.

8.     Follow On social media

Loyal Customers usually follow brands on their social media handles as well. Do that. Brands share separate deals and discounts there. Some shops even have sales designated to their Facebook shop – which you can not avail of on their website.

9.     Be in the Inside Circle

Many brands have an insider or loyalty program. It usually requires you to sign up and enter a few details. A good example would be Amazon. Customer who does this can get additional and special insider discounts that are not available to everyone.

10. Subscribe to Their Newsletter

If the brand does not have a designated loyalty program – consider subscribing to their newsletter. Usually, brands and shops have a pre-set automation for people who subscribe to their newsletters.

This ought to get you a welcome email, and if you do not purchase within 3-4 days, you might get a discount email to encourage a purchase. This will be a special discount.

The Pro Methods

Saving money when shopping online for Black Friday (or any other holiday) could be tiresome, considering almost everything is on sale – and you also want to buy a lot. Pro-shoppers use some tricks to save money on black Friday sales – or other holiday sales.

11. Family & Friends Bulk Trick

All brands, shops, stores, and marketplaces – give extra discounts on bulk shopping. The same goes for black Friday, or other holidays – except that the discount is also bigger.

Even at Mandujour, we encourage bulk orders and give a discount even if there isn’t one going on. Yet, the issue is – you can only buy so much by yourself.

That’s where family and friends come in. Take for example you want to fill up your wardrobe this Black Friday. Consider asking your friends and family, who have the same intention. Convince them if needed.

Later you can split the bill – and everyone would get a portion of the discount. It’s simple but effective.

12. Local Bulk Lists

If for some reason you can’t convince your friends and family, there are a ton of local bulk lists on the internet. You can search on Reddit or Facebook groups. Many people create a list there, and you can add your share. You can also do it yourself.  

13. Abandonment Cart Trick

Another great and clever way to save money when shopping for black Friday is to use the abandonment cart trick. Brands hate abandoned carts and usually have several discounts and methods in place to recover the cart.

You can make use of this. Fill up your cart, apply the coupon or discount – and then abandon it. You’d get a reminder email in a bit. Within 1-3 days, you’d also receive a discount email, as the brand’s last resort to make you buy the items.

Even if we do this, you can try adding items to your cart – and abandon it for 1-2 days to find out the kind of discount we give. (It’s a surprise).

14. Ask

I can not emphasize enough how important communication is. If you are not satisfied with the discount a brand is giving off right now – simply message customer support and ask them. Nothing beats that, and it’s always good to take a chance.

Usually, this trick works, as the person on the other end of the call or chat considers you a potential customer and would want to lose you. Thus, they’d see what they can do to make you convert.

Key Takeaway

The holiday season has started, and I hope these pro tricks to save money on Black Friday sales, and other holidays help you. We might have missed a trick or two – so if you have something to share – we are all ears.

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