Columbus Flower Bomb Feather Bow Tie with Feather Lapel Pin Set - Mandujour Handmade - Mandujour
Columbus Flower Bomb Feather Bow Tie with Feather Lapel Pin Set - Mandujour Handmade - Mandujour

Columbus Flower Bomb Feather Bow Tie & Lapel Pin Set, Mandujour Handmade

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Optimize your style to celebrity status with this exquisite bow tie and lapel pin set, handcrafted by Mandujour's skilled artisans. Featuring feathers from the blue starling and white geese, symbolizing freedom and elegance, this set is perfect for making a statement at red-carpet events, black-tie galas, luxury weddings, high-society gatherings, and fashion shows.

Pair this set with a tailored tuxedo or peak lapel suit in black, navy, or charcoal, a crisp white dress shirt with a wingtip or spread collar, or a subtle patterned shirt in light blue or gray with a point collar.

The blue starling feathers represent creativity, intuition, and wisdom, while the white geese feathers symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings. Together, they create a stunning and meaningful accessory that's perfect for those who value individuality and self-expression.

Why Mandujour?

Mandujuor is a cognisant choice for those men who value style with sustainability. Every bow tie adds distinctiveness and personality to every attire it’s paired with. And offers an elegant and magnificent knack for your appearance. You can choose from 83 stylish bow ties and boutonniere from our designer’s pick. Or you can customize your design and showcase your inner artist and preferences. Not only that we also offer Wedding packages to add luxury and a magic touch to your wedding look. Ensuring all eyes are on you.

Product Features:

  • Colour and materials: bow ties and lapel pin set made with premium quality materials like lather, silk, and satin styled with the finest hand-picked feathers of Goose, Peacock, Duck, and macaw, For Men, adds an extra hint of luxury in any suit you wear
  • Uniqueness for every piece: every piece is carefully handcrafted in the USA with extreme care, precision and artistry. Real feathers make every bow tie one of its kind in the whole world
  • Size: Adjustable straps to fit most necks and easy to put on with a hidden hooking system
  • Make your day special: wear it on your special day and make a statement, when your dress code demands for dapper look add a black leather goose feather bowtie to your attire and grab the attention of every gathering (parties, weddings, dinners)
  • Gift for your men: gift this wearable piece of art to your men, arrives in a handsome, hand-branded pinewood gift box


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