Your Complete Guide to Hiking Boots for Men

Hiking is an exciting sport for sure, with many benefits. The main question here is how to know which hiking boot is best for you. While Hiking boots aren't the only hiking footwear. They still are considered to be one of the best for happy feet and long trails. After all, they’re known as a classic for a good reason.

There is no doubt that you can go with other hiking footwear onto the long trails. Even for newbie hikers, you can always start with simple hiking shoes. But, there will be a point where you'd want these boots to be with you on to your long journeys.

If you’ve just started hiking and are not much familiar with hiking boots and the purpose they serve. This guide is designed to answer all your doubts and questions, from how to wear hiking boots, which ones to select, or how to wear them with jeans and so on. 

There are three things to remember though; types, components, and Fit!

The Three Types of Hiking Boots

Hiking Shoes:

These are your simple yet comfortable with flexible midsole hiking shoes. Also best for hiking in daylight. Although, they are not necessary for hiking because, on a long trail or just a mild hike, you can get away with regular active shoes too. But if you want a comfortable and happy small hike. Then I will recommend you these hiking shoes. But if you're good with your regular active shoes, then you do you.

Day Hiking Boots:

Hiking boots have an excellent shape with their mid to high-cut models. They are a little flexible, and the best thing about them is that they take less time to break in. They are excellent for day hiking and long journey, with low loads. They do have good support and durability, but not more than backpacking boots.

There is one more intriguing thing about them. If you are wondering whether your hiking books go with jeans or not and how to wear them with jeans - then get a variation of Day Hiking Boots. They pair with jeans perfectly! So, they are worth the purchase.

Backpacking Boots:

Now, this brings us to the backpacking boots, one of the strongest boots out there. No kidding. With their high-cut models and strong mid-soles. They are great for long journeys with high-loaded stuff and paths that are on or off the trail. They provide you with excellent support and amazing durability with your heavy backpack. Its midsoles are stiffer, which is very much suitable and comfortable off-trail paths.

The Right Fit is What You Need

While looking for boots, make sure they fit you perfectly. Try them on a couple of times. So you know which size is best suitable for you. Find comfort in your boots. Remember not too tight and not too loose.

It is necessary to know your size. Be aware of purchasing your boots online, because sometimes when you buy boots online that are your size, but they don't fit you, and you feel uncomfortable in them. So, it's best to go out in markets and shops and buy the boots after trying them on and find the best pair that fits you and makes you feel good in them.

It's best to measure your foot size and length. So you know the right fit for you.

Try the boots again and again. Sometimes your foot may swell due to the activities you've done, so it is good to try them on at that time to know if they are comfortable or not.

Wear the boots with socks on. If you wear normal socks, that is okay. But, for the best experience, wear socks that will help you feel the new footwear. It's best to wear socks specially made for hiking boots, as that will save your foot from swelling and having blisters. Make sure you wear socks that match the thickness of your boots!

Tips to Breaking-in Your Hiking Boots

When you buy a new pair of hiking boots, they feel too stiff, which is not cool to walk in. The key to the most comfortable and not too stiff shoes is breaking in.

Break in your boots, so they don't feel too stiff or hard for the feet.

The first thing to do is wear them again and again. Wear your boots for a walk around the block or to the mall. Wear them with socks on for support and the best durability.

Like that, go on for a small hike, so your boots can get used to walking such paths and long trails. When you're bored at home, mimicking the hiking conditions while wearing boots and a backpack of almost the same weight. Like really you should do that, really helpful. Okay, maybe not at home, but do try mimicking it for your boots to beak in and not be stiff anymore.

Now the next time you go for a hike, it's going to be a perfect and comfortable one!

Cleaning and Taking Care of Boots is a Must!

If you need your hiking boots to live long in excellent condition, then take care of them and clean them regularly so your boots can be happy.

Many expert hikers recommend using cleaners specially made for cleaning hiking boots. These cleaners make your boots look as new as ever.

But, warm water, a soft cloth, and a brush do wonders too. And honestly, warm water helps remove all the dirt and any stains that boots may have on them. 

Before using any cleaner. Make sure you have read all the instructions and understood them. So you can clean them in a better way.

Different leathers have different cleaners for them. So make sure you are using the right one for your boots because you don't want your shoes to look old and dirty.

Last but not least. Keep them away from heat!

Keep them away from dust in the cabinet, and clean them regularly for better care.

Summing all up

I hope this guide will help you find the perfect boots for your successful hiking journey. For your information, hiking boots are not just used for hiking purposes now, people wear them for fashion with jeans, and it does look so good. So, you can use your boots not just for hiking but for fashion purposes too!

Also, when you go hiking in daylight, make sure you have your sunglasses with you to beat the sun rays coming towards you! Check out our amazing collection of sunglasses.

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