When Not to Wear Feather Bowties!?

When it comes to feather bowties, the internet goes silent. There aren’t many active blogs about feather bowties, as this fashion accessory is relatively new. Thus, today we are covering all the possible scenarios where wearing a feather bowtie might not be the best idea. 

What Are Feather Bowties 

If you have stumbled across this blog and have no idea what feather bowties are, then here is a simple explanation. You know bowties, they are made of fabric - but feather bowties are made of real bird feathers. Brands like Mandujour give special attention to making sure that all feathers are sourced in a completely harm-free method. 

Feather bowties are not made in big machines, rather they are handmade by only a few artisans around the globe who have mastered the skill with years of practice. These bowties usually come with a feather lapel pin and have a huge variety. Each feather bowtie is a work of art - you can say. 

When Not to Wear Feather Bowties 

When it comes to feather bowties, the main issue is that people are not accustomed to them yet. Many people don’t even know what feather bowties are, and thus might assume things about someone who is wearing them. Here is a list of possible scenarios where wearing a feather bowtie might not be the best idea! 

At a Funeral 

We have a separate blog covering this topic in detail, but wearing a bold feather bowtie to a funeral might not be the best idea. People might assume you are “dressing up” or trying to look unique or “fashion” at a funeral, which might not be the image you want to create in a setting of mourning and grief. Yet, some feather bowties would work well at a funeral. 

A Traditional Job-Interview 

The thing is, you can wear whatever you want to most of the interviews - yet when interviewing in a more traditional setting for a big company, where you don’t want to risk anything - go with a regular necktie. Wearing a bowtie might give you a more than desired “bold” outlook. 

Business Event 

In formal business events, your boss(es) might be around, along with the executives of your company, major clients, investors, etc. If you think you can pull off a bold outlook then go for a feather bowtie - otherwise, try to drop the idea altogether. 

An Important and Formal Speech 

Due to the same reason as explained in the most points, wearing a feather bowtie to a very important speech where you have to look clear-cut formal might not be a good idea. 

Key Takeaway 

The bottom line is that feather bowties are not yet accepted as a regular fashion accessory, making people judge and speculate, which might not be your intention at times. It is best to read the setting before dressing up for it. 

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