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If you’ve come across the national holidays, you must have heard of National Alaska day and wondered what is Alaska day and when is Alaska day. To answer the first question: what is Alaska day? Alaska day is celebrated as a reminder of the union’s largest state and the last frontier of the country.

It is more important to know about Alaska day than know when is national Alaska day. And for that purpose, here’s a short overview of the state.

Alaska is situated in the northwest of the continent of North America. In terms of hemispheres, Alaska lies in both the eastern and western hemispheres. While Alaska is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean and the Beaufort sea, it has the province of British Columbia at its east.

Briefly, Alaska connects the continent of North America with Asia by sea and geographically lies at the same distance from both Europe and Asia.

Keep reading if you wanna know more about what is Alaska day and when is Alaska day.

What is Alaska Day?

Before hopping into the answer of when is national Alaska day? Let’s go through the geographical significance of several regions of Alaska. While being the largest state, Alaska is home to the nation’s highest mountain peaks.

The mountain ranges of Alaska include Mount. Denali. These peaks provided a home to people long before discoverers from Russia and Europe had discovered the Arctic. 

The question remains unanswered: when is Alaska day? Alaska day is celebrated on the 28th of June throughout the country. As far as what is Alaska day is concerned, It is a renowned national holiday and is celebrated every year. Alaska Day is observed as a remembrance of the largest state in the union and the nation's last frontier.

In Alaska, a race known as the Iditarod that travels 1,150 miles from Anchorage to Nome is held in Leonhard Seppala's honor.

Along with several other mushers, Leonhard Seppala brought the critical anti-diphtheria serum to Nome in 1925. Glaciers and fossil remains are present in the enormous Denali National Park.

About the Land of Alaska

There are about eight environmental regions in the state of Alaska. The region to the east and south of the mountains of St. Elias consists of boundary ranges. These ranges include ice fields and some of the highest peaks of the state.

Moving on to the south of the Gulf of Alaska, there lies the panhandle region. This region consists of over a thousand islands. These islands aren’t as rugged and glaciated as others. Moreover, these islands are surrounded by warm waters by Alaska and Kuroshio currents.

Then comes the Aleutian region which includes the Alaska peninsula. This shoreline consists of about 14 large and 55 small islands that are all equally geographically significant. The lands of these islands contain volcanoes and experience fog and heavy rainfalls. 

How is Alaska Day Celebrated?

Now that we know when is national Alaska day, let's ponder over how you can celebrate it. The people of the country prefer celebrating national Alaska day in the wildest regions. They usually have trekking plans with their friends and families in mountainous regions. This is their way of expressing gratitude and appreciating the state’s beauty and being grateful for it.


Other plans also include exploring the woods, finding out new facts about the history of Alaska, and spreading awareness about the significance of the day. 

For instance, the most common facts about Alaska include stats about the state’s population and its geography. Alaska has the lowest population in the whole world while about 52% of the total population is men. Moreover, you’d be surprised to know that the land of Alaska has to abut 100 volcanoes and active fields over millions of years.

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