When Do Stores Start Selling Halloween Stuff | Halloween 2023 Guide

Imagine you’re the person who’s enjoying a cold beer in their pool while the famous store downtown has broken out its seasonal sale for Halloween stuff.

Now you could definitely be that person and wait until the impending end of summer becomes real and all you have for Halloween is your pool. 

It’s that time of the year and the decorations and candies are flooding stores right now. Every year the celebrations begin earlier and earlier.

So why do stores start selling Halloween stuff so early and when do stores put out Halloween stuff? Keep reading to find out!

When Do Stores Start Selling Halloween Stuff?

Halloween is everybody’s favorite, and lots of us have gotten good at knowing when does Halloween stuff come out.

According to the data collected by NFR about when do Halloween decorations come out, some people start looking up for sales as early as mid-September.

Big stores like Target tend to put out stuff for Halloween even earlier.

It’s either the sellers who’re getting exceptional with their marketing or the consumers who’re done with the heat by this time and are desperate for fall.

Either way, if you’re dying to spend your bucks on Halloween this year, you’re not alone. Keep reading to find out more about when do stores start selling Halloween stuff 2023.

This is Why Stores Sell Halloween Stuff Early

Here’s more about when do stores put out Halloween stuff and why we think stores start stocking their shelves with Halloween decorations so early.

Getting a Rough Idea Beforehand

Stores like Target and Stop & Shop are famous for putting out their Halloween stuff earlier than everybody else when it comes to when do stores put out Halloween stuff.

The main idea behind this is to get a quick idea of what the consumers want. So, when do stores start selling Halloween stuff 2023? Well, it depends.

Putting out stuff way ahead of time helps them replenish the hot selling stuff and mold the shelves as per the consumer’s needs even before the Halloween season has actually started.  

Black Friday

Another reason behind the early response to when do stores put out Halloween stuff is Black Friday. The peer pressure really gets people to get done with all the winter holiday shopping hauls.

Black Friday is when people are compelled to get Christmas socks and fake pumpkins, even when they weren’t already planning to.

Keeping the Shelves All Stocked Up

Stores always want to have something new on their shelves based on what’s hot selling and what’s not.

It’s a norm now and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity. As soon as the Halloween season starts approaching, stores pile up their shelves with Halloween decor. 

Excited enough to know when do stores start selling Halloween stuff 2023?

It’s frightening how the transition from spending a hot day at the beach to giving candies to the kid standing at your doorstep is getting faster and faster.

When Would Stores Start Selling Halloween Products 2023?

You may or may not be ready to scroll through online pages or look up the seasonal aisle in your favorite stores and wait for when Halloween decorations come out.

But you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered. Here’s all you need to know about when do Halloween decorations come out to your favorite stores.


So, when do stores start selling Halloween stuff 2023? The timeline of stocking up the shelves with Halloween decor varies for each store.

Target is one of the stores that have Halloween stuff out. They typically stock their shelves in early August. Sometimes it even starts in late July.

Although there is no official date for Halloween stuff release, loyal customers are well aware of the patterns.

They know that once the white, red and blue decor starts getting shifted to the clearance sale section, it’s officially time for when does Halloween stuff come out.

Although Target has huge collections of new arrivals for Halloween every year, the good stuff always runs out of stock the fastest.

Therefore, customers always keep an eye on when does Halloween stuff come out in the seasonal aisle section and start shopping ahead of time.

Shop Target Halloween Stuff Online

For all the introverts who want to know when do stores put out Halloween stuff and like staying in their (haunted) houses and scrolling through online stores, Target’s online store is a life saver.

Now you don’t have to wait to know when do Halloween decorations come out at Target. Their online store already has plenty of Halloween decor.

A lot of the products online may be used day-to-day. Like our favorite witchy doormat that says “Shoes off, witches!” Kids need this reminder at the door all year round anyways.


Be it a tablescape with cute pumpkins printed on it or fairy lights to give your haunted house the perfect look, Walmart has it all and is one of the stores that have Halloween stuff out.

You must be wondering when does Walmart start selling Halloween stuff 2023? After all, it’s our all-time favorite store.

When it comes to the Halloween season, there’s no concept of early. Rather, the earlier you start, the better it is and Walmart knows this.

But when does Walmart start selling Halloween stuff 2023? Typically spooking season makes its appearance on the shelves right after Labor Day.

While there’s no official announcement date for when does Walmart start selling Halloween stuff 2023, you may expect it to be around when your kids start going back to school.

This is great because you’ll have plenty of time on your hands to decide.

Shop Walmart Halloween stuff online

The good news about Walmart is that they have all their spooky items available in their online store.

The best part is that these items are available online for the entire year. This means you won't have to wait for when does Walmart start selling Halloween stuff 2023, just scroll, add to your cart and you’re good to go.

Walmart offers Halloween stuff from spooky candles to beautiful party supplies both online and in stores. Just download the app or visit your nearest Walmart.

The Range

Despite the scorching heat in August, The Range launched its Halloween stuff. Although they don’t have any official date of the announcement, they post their announcements on their social media.

Unleash your inner spooky side with the diverse Halloween collection of The Range. They have costumes and decorations for all ages.

Make sure to check their site and browse through their Halloween leaflet to stay updated on all the latest spooky stuff.


The Halloween collections at T.J.Maxx are released mid-summer. The best part about their Halloween collection is that each of their stores has something exceptional.

In case you don’t find your perfect Halloween item in one of their stores, you may go to the next, and so on until you find the perfect piece.

The store offers all kinds of items related to Halloween from doormats to candles and plastic pumpkins. These items are launched in mid-July and are just as hot as the weather.


Amazon being one of the stores that have Halloween stuff out has plenty of Halloween items available all around the year.

Amazon has decorations including lights, pumpkins, skeletons, and much more candy and costumes; basically, everything you may need to decorate yourself and your place.

Although the items stay stocked up all year, Amazon still advises its sellers to start preparing their products by mid-august.

The process of getting products ready to be posted with pictures and copies to ship them to the customers takes no less than a week or more.

Most sellers on amazon start getting their stuff ready by mid-July so they can get on top of the relevant search items list.


Autumn is almost here and so is Halloween. Although the weather might still be hot, it’s still never too early to start shopping for Halloween.

You must be waiting for stores to put up Halloween stuff and Costco must be on your list. Well, the wait is over, because Costco has already stocked up the shelves of its seasonal aisle.

Costo didn’t have much on display during July this year, but right after Labor Day, their seasonal aisle was all set up.

As time’s passing, they’re adding new and better items to their shelves at better prices. You don’t want to miss out because Costco has something for everyone.

Dollar Tree

Halloween is all about going fancy with your decorations and costumes. Although it's everybody’s favorite holiday, it may or may not be our wallets’.

Dollar Tree brings all sorts of Halloween costumes and decorations while taking care of your money and making Halloween as wallet-friendly as possible.

The part we love about Dollar Tree is that if you somehow don’t find your perfect Halloween costume, you can always get a few random pieces and DIY a masterpiece.

Moreover, if you’re an introvert who just wants to order stuff here and there on a cozy autumn evening, head to their online store.

Now, moving on to the important part: when does the dollar tree put up its Halloween stuff? Well since the network of dollar tree is spread over 48 states, the dates vary with locations.

Being one of the stores that have Halloween stuff out, dollar tree put its Halloween stock on display by the end of July or the start of August.

Moreover, when it comes to DIY items like ribbons and containers, Dollar Tree puts them up earlier for people who are into creating DIY masterpieces.


How can we forget to mention Micheal’s when we’re talking about Halloween DIY items? Be it crafts or ready-made decorations and costumes, Micheal’s has it all.

Despite being three months away, the Halloween season starts as soon as the blues of July are over.

And how can we forget our favorite place for decor and stuff when it comes to our favorite holiday? So, when does Micheal’s starts selling their Halloween stuff?

This year, Micheal’s put up their Halloween stuff at the end of July. Luckily, they were quick with the process and the seasonal aisle was fully stocked at the start of August.

Right now, Micheal’s is offering some mind-blowing offers and deals on its website that you’ll probably regret missing out on.

Home Depot

Halloween is approaching and you must be wondering when Halloween stuff come out at your favorite stores.

You must have also already gone through plenty of websites to look for your favorite decorations and costumes.

Well, no matter how many seasonal aisles you have been through, you are seriously missing out if you haven’t checked out Home Depot’s yet.

Although they don’t have an official release date, Home Depot typically releases their Halloween stock in late August. That’s pretty late, no?

Well, the good part is, they post the good stuff on their website in mid-July. And our favorite part is that they have had lots of sales on their website since July.


The New York Based Men's Fashion Brand Mandujour starts selling Halloween-oriented items at the start of October. 

Mandujour is the first choice of people who want an easy-to-go formal costume for their Halloween, but their customer base is composed mostly of feather bowtie lovers. 

No one makes better handmade feather bowties than Mandujour. You'd want to check them out for Halloween discounts! 

When Do Stores Start Halloween Sales?

Now that you know about all the different places you can head to for the perfect Halloween decorations and costumes and when does Halloween stuff come out, it’s time to save you some bucks.

Here are some spooktacular Halloween sales and deals to get you ready for Halloween.


Target loves Black Friday and so do we. After all, what’s better than getting your Halloween stuff from one of the best stores with additional discounts.

Target offers Target Deal Days that start on the 8th of October this year. Although their stock isn’t going to last for long, you'll get your favorite stuff at cheaper prices if you’re lucky enough.


In addition to when does Walmart start selling Halloween stuff in 2023, Walmart is currently offering a flat 40% sale on all sorts of Halloween stuff.

Other than that, you may also want to compare the prices of products when buying online and in store. You may save some bucks by checking their online price match policy.

The Range

Although there is not much mention of sales and offers by The Range, they offer discounts on various Halloween products.

The discounts being offered vary from about 8% up to 40% on each item. As The Range releases their stock early, you have plenty of time to go through the discounts they provide to save money.


Currently, Amazon has a discount on each of its Halloween items. Be it a 9-foot-tall skeleton or just a candle stand, they’ve got it all.

Amazon started offering deals and discounts after the 12th of October and is expected to be around for a while.

With these deals, you’ll now be able to get your favorite costumes and decorations on cheaper prices and more convenience, so you better not miss out.


Costco wants to make sure you maintain the perfect quality to quantity ratio this Halloween.

They’ve got the quality of items covered and are providing discounts so you don’t have to worry about the quantity.

For instance, Costco has posted this ten feet long reaper. Not only does it come with led lights and movements, but also an instant saving of about 60$.

Head on to your nearest Costco store to get your hands on more amazing items with spooktacular discounts this Halloween.


Sales at Mandujour start around mid-September. In 2023, Mandujour is giving off up to 50% off on Pre-Halloween Sales. 

The pre-Halloween sales would be from the 1st to the 26th of October. The actual Halloween sales are going to go much higher than the pre-Halloween sales. 

Subscribe to their email newsletter to make sure you have special access to their discounts and coupons!

What To Expect This Halloween 2023?

If you’re as eager for Halloween as we are, you must also be equally interested in all different types of Halloween items sold by stores all over the world.

If you wish to know about all the options you have, here are a few categories of items that Halloween stores usually sell.

Costumes and Accessories

Costumes are the most essential Halloween items. Everything else comes after a good costume.

Lately, the trend of DIYs has been growing rapidly. Stores now offer all different sorts of craft items one could need to create a DIY costume themselves.

Moreover, if you’ve found the perfect Halloween costume for yourself, but want to add a personal element, you can always look for good accessories.

Accessories may include stuff like fake blood, teeth or weapons.  Although costume matters the most, accessories can still make a huge difference. 


In addition to costumes and decor, Halloween sales usually bring a whole lot of clothing which has the spooktacular Halloween plus fall vibe to them.

Stores that start selling right after Labor Day in July make sure to have a separate section of clothing specific to fall and Halloween.

Key Takeaway

Halloween is almost here and we can’t help but wait for our favorite stores to announce their latest Halloween collections with sales and additional discounts.

Visiting various stores and looking for the perfect Halloween stuff isn’t a walk in the park. The principle implies even when all you have to do is scroll through online stores.

But worry no more, because we’re here to help!

We bring you this exclusive guide about when do stores start selling Halloween stuff. It contains all the information you possibly need to have.

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