Wearing Feather Bow Ties to a Funeral?

We have recently been asked whether one can wear feather bowties to a funeral. The answer might be a simple yes and no for some people - but it’s time to justify because no one else on the internet is going to. 

What are Feather Bow Ties?

You must know about bowties and feather bowties if you are here - but to define, feather bowties are bowties made out of real bird feathers. Now, there is a lot more going on in them, but you’d have to visit our blog section for details. 

Essentially, what feather bowties are is the main factor based on which you can decide whether to wear them at a funeral or not. Feather bowties, yet, are not a saturated fashion. They are unique, curated, and lesser-known. What’s the reaction of people when they see you wearing something that is even remotely uncommon? You are being “fashionable” - and that is something you don’t want people to think about you at a funeral. 

Reasons Why Not to Wear Feather Bowties to a Funeral 

Here are some of the main reasons we think why you’d want to skip your feather bowtie at a funeral. 

The Stereotype of Fashion 

Like I’ve mentioned above - when people see you wearing something unique - they’d automatically assume that you’re doing it to look good and fashionable in some way, and you don’t want that impression going on. 

You don’t want to “dress up” for a funeral 

The simple rule is, to dress simple at a funeral, if you can. So, if no exceptional circumstances are going on, then make sure you are not “dressing up” and wearing a feather bowtie might seem like dressing up. 

You don’t want to be looking particularly “good” 

You might already know this but feather bow ties make you look incredibly good, which is another reason to avoid wearing them at a funeral. There is no issue with you looking good at a funeral, but you don’t want to be looking so good as to grab attention unnecessarily. 

When Can You Wear Feather Bowties to a Funeral 

While it might not be a good idea to wear feather bowties to a funeral, we also have a few instances where feather bowties might be pulled off at a funeral. 

If They Are Part of Your Style 

I know some people who love feather bowties and wear them everywhere, and when I imagine them going to a funeral wearing a feather bowtie, it just seems normal and okay. If that is the case with you, then it might just be okay. 

If They are not Attention-Grabbing 

At Mandujour we have a variety of feather bowties, and some of them are so elegant and simple that you might be able to wear them to a funeral without a hassle. A good example would be our All-Black collection! 

If Everyone is Wearing Them…

This is highly unlikely, but, it is a plausible situation. Do wear a feather bowtie if everyone else at the funeral is going to wear them for some reason… 

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, funerals are times to mourn, realize, and reflect. Your focus should be to comfort the family and give your support as much as possible. If you are doing that, what you are wearing might not matter at all. 

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