The Proper Way to Fold a Handkerchief for a Tux!

Wondering how to fold a handkerchief for a tux or suit pocket? Yeah, we’ve all been there – and this article is going to tell you exactly how to fold a handkerchief the easy way.

As we all know tuxedos are for black tie events or for formal events but in the evening and you should know how to wear them properly. It looks elegant and classy- men wear a tuxedo for the first time mostly in their proms but also in weddings and charity events.

There are many ways to wear a pocket square and yours will make you look different. It is like the essence of tux- in my opinion it puts a new look to your personality. Your different style of wearing it makes it look more unique. It is not old-fashioned or anything- it is still a graceful way of wearing a tuxedo and a pocket square is the perfect touch of elegance.

But Where to get One?

At Mandujour, we have the best handkerchiefs and pocket squares available anywhere, check them out here, or the other accessories you might be in need of if you are wearing a tux!

How to fold a handkerchief for a tux!

There are many ways to fold a handkerchief but we will start from the easiest ones so it will save some time and effort. And so you will be able to learn easily. The quality and stuff of the handkerchief matter the most- silk handkerchiefs are best or good for folding a pocket square. Then color combinations matter- your style will make it look different from others or your choice of color. It is indeed not a competition but a choice.


There are many ways but the simplest one is folding it into a triangle it looks classy as well as easy to fold.

  • Fold it half
  • Fold it twice that way so it forms a triangle
  • Place it into the pocket
  • The outer edge should be prominent

There are other ways of folding a pocket square like Two-point pocket square Puff pocket square and reverse puff obviously others like Diamond-shaped they all look elegant and it is up to you what you choose to wear. And what suits your personality the best. You need to choose the right color and fabric. But if we are talking about this is choosing the right tuxedo- a fine and classy one it should be. It will make you look different and sophisticated.

What will make your tuxedo look more classy?

Obviously wearing a handkerchief can't be the only accessory for men there are other things which matter are well and it will enhance the charm of your tuxedo. Wearing a good quality shirt is important and the right choice of a shirt- other things like cufflinks, belts, neckties and bows. All of them matters and make it look a lot better and classy so we need to be careful with all of them.

Does a Perfect Fold Matter?

Yes it does, but surely not as much as you are thinking right now. You are going to see people in a thousand dollar tux without the perfect fold, and there are so many ways that usually there is a personalized signature style to it. The triangle fold (mentioned above) is the most simple one, and should get you started – but don’t confine yourself to perfect. Be creative and make it pop with a little customization.

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