The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for a Gentleman - Mandujour Feather Bowtie

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and it’s good that you’ve already started looking for the perfect gift for your partner. Valentine’s day gift ideas could go in a variety of directions, but today we will be focusing on a very specific case: What is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for a gentleman?

Selecting a Gift for Your Gentleman

At Mandujour, we think that being a gentleman is a lifestyle, not a gender-confined stereotype. It is a collection of minute daily habits, that build up to form a very specific distinct personality, style, and aura.

The gusto of a gentleman can be recognized from afar, and thus they must dress in order to amplify that charisma. This makes selecting the perfect valentine’s day gift for a gentleman a bit difficult, but interesting, and we have the perfect valentine’s day gift idea to solve your dilemma.

Mandujour Feather Bowties

Bowties are great, but feather bowties are a statement. Not everyone can carry a statement piece, a fashion style that speaks for itself and has a personality on its own – but a gentleman surely can.

Although finding good feather bowties could cost you a ton of time – at Mandujour we have our skilled artisan’s custom create unique feather bowties from sustainably sourced bird feathers. Each feather bowtie is a curated piece of perfection, with a distinct aura – and nothing would make a better gift for your better half than this.

This hunt is not yet complete thought, we have a variety that would startle anyone, and thus here are our top picks to gift your partner as a perfect valentine’s day present.

The All Black Goose Feather Masterpiece

Goose feathers are extremely rare in this shade, and this bowtie is handmade without any artificial material or colors. The elegant shade of black with a prominent lack of any design or pattern makes this feather bowtie one of our most classy choices. The shade would compliment all suit varieties and would amplify the look of a completely black dress code.

This feather bowtie would make the perfect valentine’s day gift for a gentleman, and you will get a free lapel pin included in the custom-made Mandujour Pinewood giftbox.

The Gold and White Masterpiece

The Gold and White feathered bowtie is also one of our classics, that amplify darker shades of navy blue and black through a fine contrast while complimenting shades on the other end of the spectrum. This elegant masterpiece is custom-crafted with real white and gold bird feathers that are noticeably rare, making it the perfect valentine’s day gift for your better half.

You will get the feathered bowtie along with a matching lapel pin in a Mandujour pinewood custom gift box, that would give an aesthetic unboxing experience and outlook.

The Boston Smaht Masterpiece

The Boston Smaht masterpiece by Mandujour is one of our more exquisite ones that can cover a wide array of parties and events. This statement piece can go with all colors but we would recommend that you carry it with a bland look, making the feathered bow tie pop.

This bowtie is a pre-tied and simple adjustable band connected with a metal clasp that makes your neck comfortable and also makes it easier to take on and off. You will get the piece with a matching lapel pin, packed nicely in a pinewood Mandujour custom box.

Columbus Flower Bomb

The Columbus Flower bomb gives an elegant yet bold outlook, making it perfect for weddings and formal attire options. You can carry it with darker shades like rustic brown or plain black, making the flowery feathers pop. Another good option would be to make this masterpiece compliment a blue blazer, with a white shirt.

Like all other Mandujour pieces, you will get this feather bowtie in a Mandujour pinewood box with a matching lapel pin as shown in the picture.

Packing Your Perfect Gift!

Buying the gift is only step one of the processes. You have to make sure to present it in the best possible way to make the gift more memorable for your gentleman. Even if it’s a last-minute purchase, think of a context from the early days of your relationship that can relate to the gift – and write a sweet note.

Mandujour makes the process easier for you as all our feather bowties come in pinewood boxes, but we would recommend that you place the box in a custom hand carry that would complement the situation.

Make it Red

As valentine’s day is supposed to be about love and is usually represented with the color red and hearts, thus it would be a nice idea to have a plain red hand carry, that would dominate the gift-giving scene. You can throw in a rose for some extra points.

Write a Note

There is enough room in the Mandujour pinewood box to accommodate a short note handwritten by you that would make the gift special for them. You don’t have to write long essays, anything short and sweet would work. A nice quick template would be simply referring to your partner with adjectives and saying I love you. For example:

To, the only true gentleman in my life

A gift that would complement your personality,

Love, (name)

To Sum Up

At the end of the day, the sentiments behind the gift matter the most, as to how thoughtful it is. If you buy any of the feather bowties right now you can avail a nice discount of up to 50% on all feather bowties. Check out our shop section for more gift ideas that would complement your gentleman.


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