The Most Unique Gift for Him -- Christmas 2022

You’ve been giving gifts to almost the same people your entire life – and every time it gets difficult to think of something unique and curated. We solve that today for Christmas 2022.

Luis Mandujour Model wearing a mandujour feather bow ties and lapel pin

There is never one good gift – and that is the issue. There are so many things, in so many different categories that can make a pretty decent gift. The list, makes us overwhelmed and sets the wrong baseline.

The Options You Have

That leads us to think no gift is good enough. But today we have the best gift for men. It’s not a jacket or a shirt – that’s cliché by now (but can still make a pretty decent gift if there is some context to it).

At Mandujour, we have a variety of gift options for “him” – be it your father, brother, bestie, husband, or boyfriend. We’ve got you covered form men’s essentials, accessories, jewelry, wallets, amazing jackets and more.

But – we did a survey amongst our old customers. Turns out, more than 85% of Mandujour’ s audience thinks that Feather Bowties turned out to be the most unique and epic gift they’ve given someone, compared to other apparel items.

But why? Well, let’s find out.

More About Feather Bowties!

We all know and love bowties – well, feather bowties are bowties – but made out of real bird feathers!

Real birds? So, are birds harmed in making them? That’s the first question that popped in my head when I first got to know about them. But as it turns out, at Mandujour we source the feathers in a sustainable fashion – making sure no birds are harmed in the process.

So, real feathers – that nice. But what’s so special about that? Well, every single feather bowtie is made from feathers of a different bird – so each bowtie represents that bird, and each bird represents a personality type.

How? Well, don’t you have someone that resembles the characteristics of a Cardinal? I’m sure we all have at least one person whose presence blooms the room like a Peacock. While a Peacock is a symbol of power, and divinity – Ducks are a symbol of diversity and vigilance!

There’s more. For loyalty and family, you have Goose – for imagination and creativity, you have Pheasants. For love you have turkey and cardinals! The list goes on.

Each feather bowtie at Mandujour is handmade and handcrafted by skilled artisans with years of experience. Each bowtie thus is a piece of art, and represents something so much more than that.

What could be then, a better gift than that? It is unique, has context, symbolism, and represents something so much bigger. Plus, they come in really cute Pinewood boxes.

Where to Buy Feather Bowties?

Well, as mentioned before – at Mandujour we make sure all feather bowties are made only by the best, and only in a way that doesn’t harm nature or anything living in it.

Moreover, we have an amazing Sale going on for Christmas with expedited shipping – so you can make a last-minute call.

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