The Most Unique Fathers Day Gift Idea for 2022

The question is, what would be the most unique fathers day gift? Today we are going to answer that. Let’s start our journey from what unique is to what would be the most unique and amazing father’s day gift for your dad in 2022!

When is Father’s Day Coming Up in 2022? 

Before we get into fathers day unique gifts, we must know when father’s day is coming up in 2022. Father’s day is on the third Sunday of every June, and that’s why the date is usually different every year. To know more, check out our father’s day countdown!

Who Can Give Father’s Day Gifts?

Before we get to the fathers day unique gifts, it is important to note who can give father’s day gifts this year. There was a time when father’s day was celebrated by the children of a man, but today things are a bit different. 

You can buy unique gifts for fathers day if you are a: 

  • Son 
  • Daughter 
  • Wife 
  • Grandchild 
  • Girlfriend 

We have detailed guides for giving gifts as a child, wife, or girlfriend - you can check them out on our blog section for more diverse options. 

The Most Unique Father’s Day Gift

When it comes to unique gifts for fathers day there are a variety of options available on the internet, but this is not that blog. We have one product in mind, which we think is the most unique and epic gift for father’s day - but not many people know about it! 

So, one of the most unique fathers days gifts is Feather Bow ties. You must be familiar with bow ties - but might not know what feather bow ties are. Feather bow ties are modern bow ties that are made from real bird feathers. Brands like Mandujour make sure that the feathers are sourced in a harm-free way. 

These bow ties are a masterpiece - because every single one of them is different. An expert artisan with years of experience makes these bow ties by hand… giving them their organic gift value. Each bird has its characteristics, just like that, each bow tie has its characteristics too! Here are a few feather bow ties we think you might love: 


An exquisite masterpiece with 100% real bird features sourced with a no-harm policy. This masterpiece would go with any suit and rock the event. 


Made for a classy look, and sassy finish. This formal masterpiece is perfect for the time when you want to impress someone with your aura. 


If you feel like going bold every once in a while, this masterpiece would help you achieve that. Perfect for dark contrast coats and shirts. 


Another rather bold piece that would make you stand out from the crowd within seconds. This original design masterpiece is one of our best sellers!


No explanation is needed as to why this feather bow tie is a masterpiece. You might hear people lose their breath after taking a look. 

This might have convinced you how feather bow ties are one of the most unique fathers day gifts around right now. You can go to our store to see our entire feather bow ties stock. 

How To Wrap Your Gift?

One of the best ways to make fathers day gift unique is by making it more than just a gift. Make it thoughtful. Wrap it nicely, and maybe also add a note. Spend some time on the DIY part of the gift. 

Wrapping it would make fathers day gift unique for sure. Our feather bow ties come in a custom-made high-quality pinewood box that is quite aesthetic. You might need nice hand carriers to make it look perfect! 

Making it More Unique With a Note!

All the unique fathers days gifts are made unique with a note. A simple father’s day appreciation note would do magic! It could have anything like a simple Thank You explaining how much your father means to you and how much he has done for you. These things would make your gift truly unique. 

Key Takeaway 

At the end of the day, the most unique fathers day gifts are thoughtful. Feather bow ties are a masterpiece, a work of art - making them one of the most thoughtful gifts would there right now. Hope you liked our blog about the most unique father’s day gift. 

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