The Man’s Guide to Rocking Rings

A man should always have utmost confidence. This confidence extends to skill of wearing a ring. This small and beautiful jewellery helps in changing a man's entire look. It’s up to you how if you want to make it look formal or edgy.

There is no doubt that men's ring is nothing but a staple, no matter what the occasion is. There are thousands of men's ring styles out there and you can find your perfect one if you start looking.

About Making a Statement

There is no doubt in this that a small piece of jewellery can do wonders for women. For women, Jewellery helps the most in highlighting features and completing outfit, however this is not much emphasised for men.

If paired correctly, wearing rings can change a man’s look from boring to sophisticated, stylish and sexy. When it comes to jewellery, it shouldn’t be overlooked. For the best finishing touch for your outfit and looks, rings are ideal for enhancing your style, along with bracelets

Not Being Unsure

Many men are still unsure what kind of ring should they wear on which finger. There are some rules when it comes to wearing men’s ring, but they are very easy and simple.

Let’s go through all the guidelines and symbolism of wearing. We are here to tell help you select the most fashionable and stylish rings for masculine look. Well, it is not as hard as it sounds. All you need is an expert’s advice, and we would give you ours. Here is our complete guide to choosing the best men’s ring.


Left hand vs. Right hand

There are not any specific rules about wearing men’s ring on left hand or right hand. Exception is only for wedding or an engagement ring. You should decide which hand do you prefer to wearing on, considering which symbolism suits better with the particular ring.

For example, the left hand is mostly considered as your “mental” hand as it represents your character and beliefs. Whereas the right hand is more of an active and a physical one. Most of the gestures are made by the right hand so- it’s the dominant one. Just go your own way while wearing rings- these are very general concepts.

Now we will take a look at the individual fingers and the symbolism associated with them, and also common and the very best ring choices for those fingers.

The little Pinky finger

If you want to wear a “statement ring” wear it on your pinky finger. There are some advantages for pinky rings. Pinky rings do not have any cultural or religious associations,  however family crest are usually worn by men on pinkyfinger.

People who are more into palmistry and astrology tend to wear rings on pinky finger.

The fourth finger

A lot of you must be wondering: do men wear engaging rings? The answer is: it depends. If your partner wants to wear on engagement ring then he definitely should. But the ring on the fourth finger is mostly associated with wedding both in men and women’s case.

If we see it symbolically, it is said that the fourth (ring) finger is associated with the sun, the source of beauty and creativity. Also, the romantic relationship. Another reason why the fourth finger is associated with commitment and love is because it tends to have an unbroken artery which leads to the heart.

The Middle finger

It is the longest finger and wearing a ring on this finger leaves a bold impression. Although, wearing a ring on the middle finger is usually considered unusual.

The index finger

The ring on index finger usually symbolises authority, power and leadership. I’d you’re confident and unapologetic you should probably wear your ring on the index finger. Index finger’s astrological association is Jupiter.

The thumb

Wearing a ring on a thumb Symbolizes wealth and dignity. The thumb is separated from all the fingers so men usually wear big rings on the thumb. Wearing a ring on the thumb Symbolizes will, identity and characters strength.

5 steps for wearing rings

Carry it with delicacy

Men should know the art of balancing their jewellery. If you’re wearing a watch and a wedding band on one hand then one or two rings would be fine on the other hand.

Size matter

When it comes to rings, size does matters. But one might be wondering: how to measure ring size for men? There are several ways to measure ring size for men – or women.

You can use a ring size table which is easily available on the Internet. The second way is to cut a strip of paper long enough to fit your finger and mark your inches with help of a scale. You don’t want to wear big rings on your small fingers so make sure to wear the correct size.

Matching metals

Matching metals for your rings can go well If done correctly. Wearing matching metals would make your look not only clean but also uncluttered. Try to wear 1 ring with both metals usually gold and silver works well.

Your Lifestyle

You can’t wear dripping in bling accessories or rings because you wear tuxedos and suits to work. If you have a simple and stylish personality, always go for subtle rings. Go with more understated ring, which you can wear everyday and could work with all your looks.


While choosing a ring, make sure you choose a ring in which you’re comfortable. A men style statement looks perfect when they own it. Choose something that you can pull off confidently and not make you self conscious.


It is useless to wear expensive jewellery when you can’t pull it off with confidence and grace. If you wear your men’s ring with above mentioned tips and Tricks then you can definitely pull off any ring with grace and modesty.

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