Styling Men's Bracelets - a Fashion Guide for Men

I can see you have quite a lot of interest in wearing a bracelet or multiple bracelets. But you do not have a proper fashion guide? Then gear up, and stop stressing yourself right now!

Bracelets are one of the easiest accessories to pull off. They go nicely with watches, you can dress them up or down, they can be very affordable but there is also a lot of high-end stuff. They are easy to mix and match and are a great way to start wearing more accessories. So it is not that hard to find a bracelet that fits your wrist. 

What are some popular Bracelet styles?

Some bracelet styles have adjustable sizes while for others, you have to find your particular size. They are more like finding socks for you which come in small, medium, and large and usually have a size chart.

Metal Cuff 

If you could just have one bracelet or even just one accessory for the rest of your life then a “simple metal-cuff” is a great choice. You can dress it up or down and you can find very minimal versions or more elaborate designs that have etchings or engravings and even gemstones embedded.

These can be very affordable just like regular stainless steel or silver-plated steel. They also come in high-end forms of you get a solid gold cuff.

The one drawback to these is that they are not really stackable. That means you cannot wear a metal cuff on the same wrist on which you are wearing a watch. They clang together and may cause micro-scratches on each other. So you know how metal cuffs are not the best bracelets for stacking. But they look great worn alone!

Metal Chain

You can dress these up or down. Such types of bracelets have a lot of different widths and styles. You can find different styles such as variations in thickness, color, metal tones, and shapes of the chain.

For example, link chain, Cuban chain, etc. Such types of bracelets are stackable and you can stack them with any other type of bracelet and any kind of accessory. But avoid wearing it with your watches as it is metal and might scratch your expensive watch.

A Leather Wrap

It usually appears like two different bracelets stacked over each other but actually, it is just one piece of leather. As compared to other kinds of bracelets, it gives a bit more rugged casual look.

These wrap bracelets can be roped and round shaped or flat like a strip of leather. They can be found in different shades of brown and black. A unique variation in such bracelets is that some of them are braided. Such bracelets can be easily stacked with metal bracelets, rope bracelets, or any other kind. 

Simple Rope Bracelets 

They are of a minimal nature and depend more on what kind of color or pattern you chose for yourself. They are for your casual looks and perfect for stacking up with your other accessories. You can easily find them in diverse colors and patterns. Some are subtle, some are bright but each of them is the same in terms of rope material (usually cotton or nylon). 

Nautical Bracelets  

Such bracelets have a little anchor or hook clasp and are often colorful with different beautiful patterns. They are stackable with almost everything. They are as casual as your simple rope bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets

This kind of style is a little bit conflict-ridden and not many people like it. But if you like it, then you should wear it. Smaller-sized beads, neutral colors like charcoal black and brown are mostly recommended. If you have a thin wrist, avoid wearing bigger beads bracelets that are easily stackable with your watches and any other kind of bracelets.

An interesting fact about beaded bracelets is that you can also make them by yourself. Just sew your favorite beads into a nice thick thread and, ta-da! Here’s your self-made bracelet. So now you also know how to make a men’s bracelet. Didn’t you?

Which Wrist to Wear Bracelet Men?

There is no compulsion on wearing the bracelet on any of your wrists. What matters is that how you carry it along. A lot of stacking up around your wrist is not going to attract anyone rather it looks messy.

Wearing two things at a time is the sweet spot and a maximum of three. You can pair it accordingly like, mixing the materials such as metal on metal, leather, and metal or rope and beaded. You can also mix metal tones like gold and gold, silver and silver. 

Now you might also think about what hand men’s bracelets go on. I knew it! See as long as you love your hands, you can embellish each one of them without any second thought. 

Advice Corner

Advice no.1: Do not wear your bracelet before your watch. It should always come near your wrist as it is usually a bit loose and will slide all over across the watch otherwise.

Advice no. 2: If you are not a bracelet person and wish to add up something new in your accessories then it is advised that first, you should start with buying some less expensive and easily affordable bracelets. Once you get comfortable with them and decide to go ahead with them, you can surely go for some expensive brands and buy the best bracelet for yourself.



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