How to Take Care of Your Shoes - Can You Put Shoes in The Dryer?

How to clean shoes is an age old question we all have encountered. Shoes are an essential part of our life. We can't walk without shoes. I mean, you possibly can't go out barefoot right? Good-looking shoes can change the overall look of the outfit, and, well, us too. Shoes complement the way you look and your personality very well.

We all have different shoes for different occasions. Some people buy one shoe and wear it on all occasions, but this mostly is what men do. But some like having a collection of shoes.

Listen, what is the point of having a shoe collection if you don't take care of them, and clean them? As I said good looking shoe compliments. So, it's good to clean our shoes regularly and take care of them, because even shoes need to be cared for, okay.

Well, if you have no idea how you can take care of your shoes, I have some well-trusted ideas for you, so you can take care of your shoes and shine brightly!

Ways to take Care of your Shoes

  1. No Moisture

Avoid moisture on your shoes, as shoes hate moisture. If your shoe gets moisture, there is a risk of growth of bacteria, which is not beneficial for you plus the shoes. The bacteria may cause the sole and the material of the shoe to break down, and that will make you uncomfortable when you wear them.

To avoid having moisture in your shoes, use silica gel packets and place them inside your shoes. If you don't have silica gel packets, you can stuff your shoes with newspaper or any other sort of paper and then put them into storage closets.

Doing so will keep your shoes safe and fresh.

  1. Away from the Dust

It's good that you don't wear the same pair of shoes every day, but that doesn't mean you'd not clean them regularly. No, just no. Keep your shoe dust-free. If you don't keep them dust-free, they might lose their actual color and base, causing them to look old.

You can brush the dust away with the help of a paintbrush or a cloth. Another way is to take both shoes and tap the shoes together, so the loose dust falls off. Use a paintbrush to remove dust from the inside of the soles.

We don't want our shoes looking old or anything, now do we? Use polish to clean them so they look new. Don't keep your shoes in the open. Keep them in the shoe closet, away from the dust.

  1. Shoe-Tree

You might be wondering about what is a shoe tree. When shoes are kept for long in the closet, they tend to lose their shape and start looking weary and old.

A shoe tree is kept in the shoe to maintain its original shape. So, when you wear them, they'd fit you just as you bought before.

  1. Away from the Sunlight

Some people think it's good to keep shoes in sunlight because you know natural light, but that is not the case. Sunlight is not good for shoes and the soles, just like sunlight is not good for our skin and soul.

Too much exposure to direct sunlight can make the shoes rot, and they might even start to crumble. So, it’s better to keep them away from sunlight.

  1. Polish and Shiner

This tip is particularly useful for your formal or dress shoes. Your shoes need to be polished and shined regularly. It is good to polish the shoe with a polisher and brush to maintain its texture. It is better to use a shiner after the polish, to make them shine as bright as your future. This way, your shoes will start looking young and healthy. Amazing right!

Oh, you can even use a shoe cream to let your leather breathe and rejuvenate the leather.

  1. Washing Shoes

Now, this might be surprising, but you can wash your shoes. So, how to wash shoes in washing machine? Well, you can do wash your shoes in a washing machine, but not every shoe. Look for the "Washable" tag on your shoes. Don't just straight up put your shoes in the washing machine, no, do it only if your shoes are washable.

Wondering can you put shoes in a dryer? A warning, you can't put your shoes in the dryer! Don't make this mistake. The dryer has a very high temperature which can damage the shoe, and they won't function properly.

Plus, the dryer may cause the fabric of the material to shrink, which is not good, and we don't want that to happen to our favorite pair of shoes.

  1. For White Sneakers and Shoes

We all love us a pair of white sneaker or canvas shoes. Okay, white sneakers for me. There is one problem, which I bet everyone can relate to, and that is that white sneakers and shoes, get stains on them easily because, you know white color, which causes the shoe to look dirty and old. 

When such a situation occurs, use a clean magic eraser and dip in the dishwashing washing soap, taking a cloth wipe all the stains, and there you have your sneaker as new as it used to be.

  1. Organized Shoe-Closet

Ah! the organization is such an essential thing in life. The same goes for the shoes.

If you don't organize your shoe closet and keep throwing in your shoes without any manner or in a line, you're just ruining your shoes that look beautiful. If you keep throwing in your shoes like that, they might get dirty because of all the dirt in the close and will start looking old.

So, to make them look new and shiny, ORGANIZE your closet! First, clean the shoe closet and remove all the dirt it may have. Then, start organizing your shoes in such a manner, that they look good and stay new.


Summing all up, given above are some ways you can use to keep your shoes neat, clean, and shiny. We have an amazing collection of Oxford formal shoes on sale, and other varieties that you might love! If your shoes look clean and pretty, you will look great and feel good about yourself. Make sure you are not to put them in a dryer or a washing machine if you are not sure they are washable.  

Now, I hope you've learned the essential points in caring for your shoes and how to keep them clean. 

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