How to Make a Hole in a Leather Belt- Step-by-Step Instructions

What is the best way to add holes to a leather belt – almost everyone has thought about it at least once, and today we are going to discuss two fundamental and tested ways to cut a hole in your leather belt at home – without any fancy equipment.

No wait, before that – yes, we do have amazing leather belts on sale, but this is not a marketing article. Let me be very clear, buy a new belt when it is needed, and if you’ve gained some pounds recently it’s okay! Just read along to know the best way to add holes to your leather belt at home.

Step-by-step instructions for making a hole in your leather belt.

So, as I mentioned before as if we slightly gain a little weight or else we lose so I and we have to make an adjustable hole in our belt because not all belts are fit for you so it is not very hard and there are indeed a lot of ways to do this you can choose one according to your convenience.

But you should be careful while doing this so that the look of the belt stays the same and it should be neat and fine obviously that requires our concentration.

Things to Consider

  • It would be great if we first try this on our old belt so that we will be able to practice and do this finely. But it is fine if you want to do this on your regular favorite belt.


  • First, take your belt and a ruler or inches tape to measure the difference between points so this way you don't make any mistakes or at least try not to make any


  • Take a marker or ball pen and then mark the place where you want to make a hole. Do it carefully with scale and tape so you can avoid mistakes.


Got the spot marked? Make sure you do, because you don’t want your belt to seem uneven. Anyhow, for this method you need a sharp stainless steel nail, and a hammer (or anything that looks and weighs like it).

Place the nail on the market place and slightly use the hammer so that the belt remains undamaged this way you can carefully make a hole in your belt at your suitable position and it wouldn't take much of your effort. You can easily do it at your home without much of a difficulty

Method 2: Drill method

Well, I’ve tried the hammer one, but trust me it’s a lot more fun to drill a hole than to punch it (pun intended). For this method you need a drill – so, if you don’t have one borrow it from a friend, or simply to your neighborhood hardware store, ask them to give you their old drill for a few minutes. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. But don’t buy a new drill just to put holes in your leather belt.

  • On the marked place but you need to take precautions
  • You need to choose a straight place so it is easier
  • And if you are not familiar with power drills and never used them before so maybe it is not the best idea
  • But we all use them so you can do it while being a bit careful
  • So, take the belt and mark the spot.
  • When you are done marking your suitable place.
  • Then use the drill machine.


Well, I like these two methods because of their finish – yet, you can do this all with a sharp screwdriver, or even a knife. But the end result is not going to look that epic.

Now, if you think your belt needs more than just a new hole, change it – we got some amazing Mandujour-style leather belts on sale. Make sure to check them out.

Plus, we have an active blog section for men’s fashion tips and tricks, and I’m sure if you liked this one, you’re going to love the others.


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