How to Celebrate Grandparents Day in 2022

There is a day officially kept to celebrate mothers, celebrate fathers, and even a day to celebrate love. So why shouldn’t there be a day that is kept to celebrate Grandparents?  They are, after all, the light of the household for as long as they are around. Hence, there is a day for grandparents that you can celebrate with them in several fun ways. Let us take a look at those.

When is the Grandparents Day Celebrated?

Grandparents’ day is celebrated on the Sunday after Labor Day all around the world. Manu people are happy to share this day with their families as they celebrate their existence and bask in the gratitude of their grandparents’ presence around them.

How Can You Make the Most of Grandparents’ Day?

Have you been thinking about doing something this year for grandparents’ day? After all, there is so much that one’s grandparents do for them. This year, you can repay them in beautiful ways by making sure they know you are not taking them for granted. Here are a few ways:

  • Getting a custom cake made for this special occasion
  • Taking your grandparents out to their favorite spot or for dinner
  • Buying gifts for your grandparents

Getting a Custom Cake Made for this Day

What is a celebration without a cake? Nothing at all! This is why you need to visit your nearest bakery and put in the order to get a cake for grandparents’ day. You can make this cake special by choosing the icing or flavors that they like. This simple act is sure to lighten them up and this way the entire family can come around to watch them cut and enjoy the cake.

Taking Your Grandparents Out

Everyone has a favorite spot they like to go to. Especially old people have spots they like to go sit on or sometimes they like to walk or to go in the park. You would know better what your grandparents like to do and you can give it to them. Taking them to their favorite spot with some food and a picnic mat can make them happy. Why don’t you put the cake in the basket too while you are at it? Get them their favorite food, and their favorite drinks, and spend a day listening to stories about their lives.

Buying Gifts for Your Grandparents

This is where Mandujour can help. You can buy several gift items from our website and gift them to your grandparents. We have several products available that you can put an order online for and receive the best quality material. Later you can pack them up and you’re your grandparents’ day with them. Here are a few products we think your grandparents might appreciate from Mandujour:

Best Feather Bowties for Grandparents! 

The All-Black Masterpiece

The All-Black Feather bowtie set is an elegant, simple, and stylish masterpiece by Mandujour. This feather bowtie gives a bold all-black look, and compliments almost anything in your wardrobe. One can wear it with a plain black suit, a mono-color tuxedo, or even with contrasting shades.

The New-York Style

With a black base and elegant feathers of blue and purple shades, this feather bowtie is best for most formal occasions. It gives a pleasant and elegant outlook, without making you too prominent or bold. The royal shades of natural blue and purple make this feather bowtie one of our top sellers.

The All-White Masterpiece

For those who love elegance and simple colors, this is another one of our top sellers. The All-White Masterpiece by Mandujour is made of real snow Goose feathers. The feathers give a textured outlook, that would make you prominent without going bold. This masterpiece can go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Pheasant Greenish Orange Feather Bowtie

Another one of our most elegant feather bowtie articles is the Pheasant Greenish Orange Feather Bowtie. Like all others, this feather bowtie comes with a matching lapel pin set to make the color-code coherent. The dull and dark shades of green and orange make this feather bowtie perfect for formal events where you don’t want to go too bold. The perfect match would be contrasting black, brown, orange, or green suits.


It is important to know how to make someone’s day, especially if that someone is as special to you as a grandparent. You can place orders for gifts from Mandujour, get a cake and be ready to celebrate the day with your grandparents. It is not difficult to make their day so make sure you do it in the best way possible!

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