Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Packing for LA

vlAfter a long hectic year of work, all that one may need is a break. During this break, traveling sounds exciting. That too, a trip to LA, also known as the City of Stars. If you've decided to travel around LA, you have made the right choice.

Just so you know that a trip to LA can be costly, but it can be a little cheap if you tour around the city living like the locals, doing things like locals, basically just following them.

Now, the most crucial part of traveling is packing. How boring, right. But why fear when I'm here. If you're confused as to how you can start packing or what to pack, no worries. I've listed down everything you need to know before you start packing, so it can be easy for you. Let's start with how would a trip to LA cost 

How much does a Trip to LA Cost?

Now, this is a common question. The first thing that comes into your mind when you think about when planning a travel to LA is how much would a trip to LA cost? It depends on how long you are going to be staying there. A 7-day trip is very much cost-efficient, while a trip for a month can be expensive.

LA is quite expensive, and a trip to LA can be costly, but then again, it depends on how long you stay there. If you're there for a short time, you're good, but if you plan on staying in LA for a month or two, then you need to think it over. But, it’s most definitely OK to spend money on yourself because that is what you call self-care. 

Things to know before you start Packing!

Now that you are clear how much does a trip to LA cost - let's dive into some essential things to know before you start packing. This will answer the integral question - what to pack for a trip to LA

  1. Pack according to the season

Trust me, I've seen people who pack off-season clothes, for example, they are going for a trip in summer and packing all the autumn clothes. Yes, it happens. Pack your stuff and your essential needs according to the season.

If you're going to LA in the summers, consider packing clothes that are breathable because you don't want to take a bath in sweat. Take swimwear for a day at Venice Beach. Tropical shirts would look amazing (which we have on a great sale!)

In spring, take light color shirts with you. You can even take flower pattern t-shirts. Yes, spring is all about flowers and beautiful weather with alluring blue skies.

A little piece of advice, take some nice stylish jacket with you even in the summer. Because at night, LA tends to get colder, somewhat to 10 to 20 degrees. Yes, this is true.

  1. Miscellaneous Travel Items

By travel items, what I mean is items like your camera for those shots and memorable pictures. Cell phone charger, which is essential, sorry everyone knows this one.

When packing for a trip to LA a good backpack is important. You can't roam around the city holding things in your hands, so a backpack is a must. Consider taking other bags with you too, like a fanny pack or a cross-body bag, to look stylish and good in photos, and feel confident when you walk around the city. You might want to check out our travel bags collection on sale here!

Pack books and magazines with you too, in case you get bored during the flight, print hotel reservations. Printed Theme Park and Attractions e-tickets, it's good to have them with you.

Hand sanitizers are a must on your packing list, so make sure you keep them with you. Stay safe!

  1. Pre-Planning is the Best

When you go to LA, and you don't have any plan, no, those aren't the right vibes. Plan things you will do once you reach Las Vegas. Research about the places over there.

For example, going to see the iconic Hollywood sign and taking photos over there just like you planned.

Some Attractions in LA to Visit

  1. Shows in LA

You went to the 'City of Stars'. Great, but you didn't watch any show? How is it possible? If you go to the 'City of Stars' watching the shows over there is a must, since the theaters over there are so cool. No really. There are a variety of shows in LA, and you can't just miss those shows.

You might even want to consider taking pictures with the people outside the theater, dressed as the show characters.

If you go see a show, or it is on your list, then make sure you pack accordingly have all the things. including proper attire for a show day.

  1. Art Galleries in LA

Art Galleries are one of my favorite places. They are so peaceful and filled with beautiful paintings. Now, that is what you call a source of happiness.

If you are someone, who loves going to the art galleries or is interested in the arts, then you should visit the art galleries in LA. Las Vegas has an abundant amount of art galleries, and all of them are very eye-catching.

So, while you're there, make sure you visit art galleries. You’d feel happy and calm.

  1. Petersen Automotive Museum

This one is for all car lovers! This museum is for cars is huge which consists of four floors with cars. The concept of cars from 1886 till now 21st century, all are available. Some cars are temporary, and some are permanent.

It is known as one of the most modern museums for cars with graceful architectural designs.

  1. Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a big tourist attraction. It is crowded. It's a place for everyone, like skateboarders, surfers, and even business people, you are going to see one of them. Surfing is very common in Santa Monica. If you love surfing, then this place is for you.

It is a must-visit place. Mostly, tourists come to Santa Monica for its iconic Ferris wheel alongside Santa Monica pier. The golden sand stretched along the coast is an amazing sight.

The shops in this village are widely ranged from vintage to punk and everything you might need. Do shop at one of those shops there, since shopping is a fun activity.


Above given was a list of things you might have been looking for, from how much does a trip to LA cost, and what to pack for a trip to LA. Make sure you have everything you need - check out our store for epic accessories, gadgets and other men's clothing for a luxury travel. Happy travelling! 

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