Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Analog Watch - Your Complete Guide

We use watches and clocks in our daily life. Over the years, their designs, functions, and appearance have been changed a lot. Do you know that one thing that will never change about them? Their purpose. Yes, their purpose of telling us time will never change.

One of the most used watches is the Analog Watch. It is known to be traditional. It still serves the same purpose. If you are thinking of buying yourself an Analog watch, great. This guide will cover everything from groud up - dealing with questions like what is an analog watch in the first place, or what is a quartz analog watch, or does an analog watch need a batter, etc. 

What is an Analog Watch?

An Analog Watch consists of the tick-tock mechanism and moves the minutes, seconds, and hour hands. It represents the time but in the 12hour format. The hour hand is shorter while the minute hand is longer. The hand that tells the second is thinner and longer than both on the dial. The hands, mark the time on the numerical numbers, which are in and order, to tell us about the specific time. Did you know that the dial is also often referred to as the face of the watch? Well, now you know.

The numbers on the dial of this watch can be in different forms. From Roman numbers to Arabic numerals. To add creativity and make it more fun and interesting. Some dials do not have the hour makers. They only have the digits 12, 3, 6, and 9, and between these hours are the minute markers. It can be hard to indicate the time like this, but it's intriguing. 

How does an Analog watch work?

The Analog watch has the Quartz mechanism due to which we can see the time. It enables the ticking mechanism.


Now, about quartz watches. Let me tell you. They are the most reliable ones. Watches that are quartz-based live longer than any other watch. How? Due to their electric powered circuit, which produces electricity and passes the electric current to the quartz crystal, due to which, they are purchase worthy.

What is Quartz crystal? Well, they are piezoelectric. They can turn electric currents into mechanical signals. The batteries of Analog or Quartz Analog watch, last longer which is a great thing. It's all because they don't require too much energy. 

Is it Different from a Digital watch?

Well, there is quite a big difference between analog watches and digital watches. Digital watches display the time in a 24-hour format or even 12 hours, while the Analog watch indicates the time with its minute and hour hands. Analog watches have mechanical systems, while the digital watch consists of an electrically powered display with an LED screen.

Made up your mind you want to buy one? We have one on a whooping 70% OFF. 

Mechanical Watches

The mechanical watch is the second name of Analog Watches since their system is mechanically based. Interesting right. These watches are also known to be, more reliable because of their long-living battery and are more precise than any other watch.

Have you noticed how Analog Watches are still used, even in the era of Digital Watch? It is because their format, designs, and interesting patterns are still loved by many. Analog watch is more than just indicating time. Mechanical or Analog watches have great functionality and great format. They are also a great piece of accessories.

Do Analog Watches look good?

Yes, without any doubt, Analog watches look great with their unique designs and intriguing formats. As I said, them being great with good functionality and efficiency, yet an elegant piece of accessory. Now, these watches have numerous designs in straps. You can even get them changed, which is so good.

Watches are a must on any occasion. I mean, you can wear them on any occasion or event. People who go to morning walks always have a watch on their wrist. Watches are such a great option. They enhance the overall look of a person. Wearing a suit at a wedding with an Analog Watch on your wrist isn't that a great idea.

Analog Watch as a Compass!

Now, this might be surprising, but analog watches also work as a compass. So, if you ever find yourself lost in the daylight. Analog watch is going to guide you. The method is simple. Let’s take an example.

If you are looking for directions in north or south, hold the watch horizontally on your palm. But, remember that this trick can only be utilized when the sun is out. Point the hour hand in the direction where the sun is. Now, you will have to bisect the hour hand and the 12 marks to find south. It might be tricky, but it is okay. Let's say if it is 5 o'clock and you have placed up your watch with the sun. Then the south will be in the direction of 2 and 3 0'clock. While the north will be opposite to it, between 8 and 9 o'clock.

It sure is a little tricky, but it is helpful once you know how it's done.

Why an Analog Watch?

You might not be aware of it, but Analog watches can bring peace to you. It brings minimalism into your life and is one of the great timepieces and a must-have in your watch collection. These wristwatches have very sophisticated designs with pleasing looks. They are more durable than those digital watches. Additionally, they add more to your personality and self-expression. Plus, they help you make in being punctual, which is a great thing.

Wearing an analog watch will help you save time, and you'd not have to look at your mobile phone again and again. Hence, it will increase your productivity.


I hope this helped you in knowing how Analog watches work and why they're good for you. As I said, analog watches are great for any event, so you don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is dress up and wear your analog watch. If you are ready to buy an analog watch, check out our Quartz Analog Watch, which has such an elegant and eye-catching design and is on a major discount right now. 

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