Cutting your Hair at Home – a Guide for Men

Cutting your own hair could be daunting, yet an interesting task for men. These days many people refrain from going to the barbershop because of the pandemic out there. Some may not go to the barbershop because they're too lazy, or they want to experience and learn cutting their hair on their own. So they decide to cut their hair by themselves.

Giving yourself a proper haircut is risky but not impossible. You can give yourself an amazing cut with preparation and tips! Here is a not-so-long, not-so-short guide for men who want to cut their hair at home. With these tips, I'm sure you wouldnt have to worry about how to cut your own hair, men. 

Select the style you want to go for

The first thing you need to do for cutting your own hair, men, is to choose a haircut you want to give yourself, doesn't matter if it is just a little trimming here and there. Select something easy if it is your first time.

Do not be confused, and go for any style you like. And you think you can do it easily.

Choosing a style and then cutting your hair will add more to your confidence too. The fact that it requires minimal effort.

Tools Check

Now that you've selected a haircut style, you need to know about the tools too. To finish it up nicely and give yourself a clean-cut, it is good you know the right tools. The tools you will need are:

  • Shears A.K.A Scissors, for this you will need very sharp scissors because you don't want to pull your hair out with a scissor that's not sharp enough. So, for cutting your hair, professional scissors or scissors that are sharp are recommended.
  • Hair Clips. This one is optional but is still a great choice.
  • A comb. Of course, your need a comb for your hair.
  • A mirror. Now, a mirror is essential to see what you're cutting and from where you are trimming. Although, you do not need to buy one specifically for this. If you want to, then go ahead.
  • These are so important and will help you way more than your scissors.
  • Thinning scissors.

Before you begin

Before you begin cutting your own hair men, remember to keep it simple. Take it easy and slowly. Don't have too high expectations, or you'll feel disappointed if you don't get the desired result.

Make sure you wash your hair and shampoo it properly before going with chopping it hair.

Once again, remember to take it easy. It's okay if you mess up. You can always wear a hat, you know.

Steps to Cutting your Hair

Step 1: Selection 

The first step is pretty simple. Just think about how you want your hair to look. Would you be comfortable with the style you’re going for?

Envision everything. So, you know what you're going up to for.

Step 2: Preparation 

Now you need to prepare for the cut. Make space in your room for your tools. Set them up.

Make sure the floor is clean. Next, wet your hair with a spray bottle or in the sink.

Now, you might want to cover yourself if you don’t want the hair sticking onto your clothes. But if you are wearing an old shirt that’s fine.

Step 3: The Sides 

Start with cutting your sides. Because sides can be an easy yet hard part so might as well get done with that. Do not go for the transition part yet. As that is the area where it all blends and creates a nice shape.

Don't cut too much too early, either too little. Go easy and cut just the right amount to get the desired result. You need to lift the lower half of the head and start cutting. Make sure the bristles of the hair are facing up.

Repeat this step, but this time a little higher, but do not cut into the transition zone yet.

Now, on the left side, then from the back to the right. See if it looks good, then moves on.

Step 4: The Top 

Now, start with cutting the top. Cut according to the style you have chosen, and do not cut too much from the top, because you do not want to look bald right.

For cutting the top, hold your hair perpendicularly with your fingers to your head, and cut a small amount of the ends, like ½ inch to ¼ inch.

Now you need to move on the left side and cut 1.5-2 inches then repeat.

The same goes for the right side, and then repeat it.

It is all up to how you cut it and what style you’re doing. Cut less on the top if you want a more styled look and more hair.

Step 5: Blending 

You are done with the hard part now, let's go for the blending part. This needs your full attention and patience.

It all depends on the haircut you choose. Besides, the transition zone doesn't need to be equal on both sides.

Keep the hair you want to keep longer out of your way, using hair clippers. Then, using the same technique. Holding your hair perpendicular to your head with a comb or your fingers, cut.

Cut your hair by keeping in mind the style you chose. Imagine yourself in it and then cut.

Now, look for any area that is unshaped or looks uneven.

Redo it and style it the way you like.

Step 6: Finishing 

You are all done now! You have completed cutting your hair, the hardest part. Now go for the details, like cleaning around your ears.

Look for any fixes that your hair might need. But it is okay if you mess up for the first time. If you keep trying, I am sure you will do it neatly. Plus, these small fixes do not matter a lot, so you are good to go.

Spray your hair with a good hair spray, or comb them the way you want to and style them. 


Congrats, now you know how to cut your hair at home, and I am sure you will be able to do it without any problem. Also, remember to take it easy and keep it simple. Do not go for something big for the first time instead, go for something more stylish yet easy to handle. I hope this article answers how to cut your own hair for men in simplest words possible. 

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