Complete Guide to Men's Beach Attire – What to Wear for Wedding, Attending, or Fun

A day at the Beach, sounds pretty amusing right? Beach is a place that everyone would love to go to and spend a day in summer, or you might want to read a book while enjoying the view or hang out with friends to play and have fun. Now, think about a wedding at the Beach, how lovely right!

Whether you're just spending time in the cool breeze at the beach for fun or going to a wedding, the main question that might come to your mind is how to dress up for these occasions.

Trust me, it can be so hard to choose clothes from your wardrobe that would match the Beach vibes, but don't worry we got you. Here is an Ultimate Complete Guide to Beach attire for Men to rock your day at the Beach.

Dressing for Beach Wedding

The hardest part about beach weddings is that how to dress up. Now, some people say that it's better to dress casually for beach weddings, and that is so true, but you might want to dress up according to the formality of the event. So, firstly check the destination of the event.

While dressing up for the wedding as a guest, it's good to keep in mind the way you want to look, and how you can satisfy yourself. You can’t just wear any solid color or a cotton dress. Go for pastel colors, since they are very light and give a very calm aura. A printed design shirt with a light color would look amazing. Consider wearing a full sleeve shirt with a tie to look dashing. Wear a jacket or maybe a fun-looking blazer to match those beachy vibes. Look for clothes made out of light stuff like silk, khaki, or linen so you can feel the fresh and cool breeze there.

While wearing dress pants is not a problem, they are just not the right thing to go for on a beach wedding. We cannot tell you to go for shorts or Capri pants. Rather go for something like chinos and slacks.

Now, you can’t just go wearing sandals or crocs, while sandals do look good, but that is just a big NO! Instead, wear those cool-looking loafers or deck shoes.

Swimwear for Beach

Jumping right into the blue ocean is just the right thing to do. So when you're going to the beach, it's great to pack a pair of swimwear with you, which includes shorts, which are too short but if you're uncomfortable with them, no worries, you can take knee-length, totally not a big problem.

I'd prefer you to take a solid tee-shirt with you since light-weight shirts tend to stick to your body, which might make you feel uncomfortable.

Some might prefer swimming in the clothes they came in, and if you are planning to wear a tank top to the beach and swimming in the water, you’re doing the right thing.

If you are the type of person who loves different patterns and bright colors, wear them for a swim, yes, that's right. But remember, this is the only piece of clothing you have, so you can't change. But that's ok, as long as you have fun and a great day.

Casual Shirts and Shorts for Beach

Casual wear shirts are perfect for summertime, they can be your go-to wear shirts for the beach. Wearing a t-shirt at the beach is much easier and more light. If you plan on staying on the sand, you might want to wear something trendy like a bright color t-shirt or a pastel yellow shirt to look lively and attractive.

Wearing black denim shorts with a button-up white shirt is much attractive and would make you look effortlessly cool.

We'd prefer you to take a solid t-shirt with you because after a swim, the shirt you will be wearing might get wet and that's uncomfortable.

To look more like an icon, let's say go for a button-up shirt but if you're a little self-conscious, which you shouldn’t be, wear a top underneath to feel great about yourself.

If you plan on playing volleyball with your friends, do consider wearing a tank top, plus tank tops are a great deal if the day is too hot and it's also comfy.

To make your outfit look more fun, a bracelet with rolled-up sleeves is just the right vibe!

Bags for Beach Vacation

Now, when you go for a trip on the beach, you might want to pack a lot of things, for that, you need a bag, I mean that is so obvious. There are different bags used for various purposes. We think that a Tote Bag is the perfect pick for you.

Tote bags are very spacious and can fit in all the things you might need, these are also very much in trend these days.

There are many things you need to pack according to your needs like sunscreen, which is essential, a book, stuff to eat when you're hungry, and an extra packing of clothes. A tote bag is a perfect one for you if you plan on staying for a whole day. 

Footwear for Beach

Footwear is essential when it comes to any occasion. I mean, of course, it is. But, for a day at the beach, sandals are a great option. But if they are uncomfortable for you to take a stroll around the beach, or run on the sand, then we have an even better option and, that is flip flops. Yes, flip flops are easy breezy and very comfortable to walk in.

You can wear flips flops in water too but wearing sandals is not so comfortable for you. Sounds like we're differentiating between these two, but trust me, it is what it is. Flip flops are the ultimate trend for a day at the beach. You can wear crocs too, which is very amazing, by the way.


So, this was our ultimate guide to the Beach Attire, in which we have told you about everything you need to know before you go to the beach.

Going to the sea can be an eye-opener for many. It's good to enjoy your time while you're there, do a photoshoot, enjoy with your friends, take a walk around the beach and enjoy the pretty sunset. Most importantly, be happy.

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