Best 6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Him in 2022 | 6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Men

Everyone enjoys the idea of ​​gifts. They usually commemorate their confession or a milestone in their relationship. One of the least anticipated aspects of the gift-giving process is with the giver. You have to decide what a person wants most. In some cases, there are gift lists that eliminate guesswork.

Best 6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Him 

Gift registries are not for every occasion. What about exchanging gifts between partners? For example, what are some 6-month anniversary gifts for him? Or maybe you are someone who likes homemade things and are thinking what are some 6-month anniversary gifts for him DIY? This can be difficult because some men find it difficult to buy which can be very difficult. After all, the relationship is relatively new. You want to choose from good 6-month anniversary gifts for him that he appreciates and is happy to give you.

So, without further ado, let us dive right into this article and take a look at some good 6-month anniversary gifts for him, we will also try to include a few DIY 6-month anniversary gifts for him.

An Exquisite Wrist Watch

This is one of the best 6-month anniversary gifts for him. A watch is something that your man is surely almost always going to be wearing. So, every time he wears it, he will get reminded of you and your love for him.

We have the perfect watch already made out for you on sale. Get this amazing analog Quartz watch on one-third of the original price! 

 This Mandujour Watch comes with a custom made bazel, and life-long durability. You can save a flat $100 without compromising on the quality and gifting your better half something that he would love to wear everyday! 

Curated Leather Wallet

If you are looking for good 6-month anniversary gifts for him, then wallets are a great option. Men usually tend to keep going with the same old beat-up wallet that they have been keeping for years. So, if you gift him a wallet, he is sure to love and appreciate this gift very much.

 This special Mandujour custom wallet is made of pure lambskin, and is of the optimum size for any man. You can get this beast on a sale right now and save up to $100 to make his day special without being rough on your budget! 

Professional Accessories!

This is one of the best DIY 6-month anniversary gifts for him. You can easily make your own tie clips for him at home. Many women also make good cufflinks at home as well. Step up your man’s suit game with these Cuff Links / Tie Clips, and make him fall in love with you all over again.

We have a huge variety of tie clips and cufflinks that would be a perfect anniversary gift for him if he likes to dress formally time-to-time, or has an office job.  

Perfected Shoes

If want a really good 6-month dating anniversary gifts for him, then shoes really are the way to go. Shoes are something that boys crave. Whether they be dress shoes, or formal shoes, or semi-formal shoes, or casual shoes, men just love having great shoes. Especially shoes that can go will most of their clothing are a very good option. There are many men who love shoes but don’t waste their money on them, so if your man is one of them, then shoes are one of the best 6-month anniversary gifts for him that you can get.

 Every man has a soft corner for formal shoes, and these sidewing original leather shoes would make him love you more! You can save $50 on the shoes, and the link is right here!

Slaying Jackets!

One of the best 6-month dating anniversary gifts for him, are definitely good-looking jackets, especially those jackets that can go with pretty much any outfits your man wants to wear. Every man wants to dress special. He wants that one outfit distinguisher that can set him apart from other people. So, if you can get him a really nice - looking jacket, this will definitely be one of the best 6-month dating anniversary gifts for him and this gift is sure to make him fall head over heels for you all over again. 

Sassy Bracelets

A bracelet is one of the best and most loved DIY 6-month anniversary gifts for him. Bracelets are very attractive and look great on men’s wrist. Today’s fashion is not just limited to watches for men. The accessory fashion ahs gone way beyond this and now bracelets and wrist bands are the way to go these days. These bracelets can not only enhance you man’s physical looks or charm, but it also adds to the overall appeal of your man.

Moreover, there are many bracelets out there that are considered to be a symbol of good luck and symbolizes great fortune. They are not really that hard to make. All you need is just a string and some beads to put on them. The beauty limit is simply the limit of your mind. You can be as creative as you want and can go as custom as you want with the design and look of it. So, be sure to get your men as these are surely one of the best 6-month anniversary gifts for him DIY, that you can get.


Feathered Bowties

If you ask me what would be the perfect 6-month anniversary gift for him - I would say feathered bowties, over anything else. Feathered bowties are a fashion statement in 2022 according to our ratings, works great as a gift for a gentleman. 

The classy gusto that feathered bowties bring in with them is awed by any man, and increased the overall value of their wardrobe. Luckily, we have an amazing collection of feathered bowties that could be the perfect 6 month anniversay gift for him. Here are a few options: 


The New York feather bowtie by Mandujour is a masterpiece. With a dominating black base and real elegant peacock feathers, this feather bowtie is a statement piece that can go with various shades of blue, plain black, or white.

If the wedding has a black color code, this feather bowtie would be a steal at a 40% discount available on the website.


While dark and bold shades mostly trend, this elegant masterpiece has its own fan following. With a pure white base, a black outline, and peach transparent feather – this feathered bowtie would give you an elegant and classy outlook without much effort.

You can wear this with the black and white extremes, or with a variety of other shades, including boxed and lined blazers too.


It is never the case that all-black is not in trend. The boldness of perfect black, or the contrast of white in black gives cues of a strong charismatic presence. This All-Black Goose Feather Bowtie is crafted keeping the luxury of black in mind.

Made from 100% authentic and natural bird feathers (sustainably sourced), without the addition of artificial colors or dyes, this feathered bowtie is going with anything you have in your wardrobe.

Like all other feathered bowties here, this one comes with a detachable clip for ease of use and a lapel pin of the same shade, everything packed in an aesthetic pinewood box.


We all have experienced the beauty and elegance of Pheasants, and what you might not know is that Pheasants are named after an ancient Greek river (now known as Rioni), due to the royal blue shade, in contrast, giving this feathered bowtie a rich context.

Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, what really matters is the gesture, the thought behind the gesture, and your love for him. Thoughtful gifts always prevail over gifts given based on value or money. Thus, do not sweat over your choice, and if you think it's right for him as an anniversary gift - we are quite certain that they would be. 







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