Bachelor Pad Essentials for the Modern Man

While grooming is an important part of looking your best and showcasing your personality, your bachelor pad should also reflect your interests and individualism. As a modern man, your style is part of how you express your natural creativity. Why not make your home another staple of your essence?

We’ve put together a quick guide to revamp your bachelor pad for you and your guests. Let your personality shine as you create a home you’ll love to live in. 

An Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan will give your space a more contemporary look. More importantly, it’s an ideal space to entertain guests with food and cocktails. This plan can also complement a small space with sophistication. If you’re constantly at the desk, an open floor plan allows you to place your office wherever you feel comfortable. When looking for your bachelor pad, adding an open floor plan to your desired list of attributes in a unit can greatly help your real estate agent find the perfect fit for you. 

Source: Is Open Plan Living Your Cup of Tea? | Kari Lepic-Juhl, Realtor

A Well-Stocked Bar

Having a complete bar at home makes it easy to entertain guests, and it’s also a place where you can unwind after a day at work. You can choose to seek out an established bar or take the DIY route if you feel you have handyman skills. Consider installing a beer tap or invest in kegs. Make sure to keep glassware clean; perhaps a wet bar with a sink is your best bet. Look to comfortable seating and countertops to match your decor. Stock a home bar with your favorite alcohol, as well as various varieties—and don’t forget the mixers!

Source: How to Stock a Home Bar | Art of Manliness

Inviting Decor and Furniture

The bachelor lifestyle is all about being independent and having a space to yourself where coziness is key.  Craftsman-style interior design is a bachelor pad staple. This type of design features handmade design and woodwork, which imbues the space with masculine energy and style. You’ll also want a place to lounge at the end of the day where you can watch your favorite shows, play video games, or listen to some relaxing music on your entertainment system.  Look to furniture that accents your decor and provides greater comfort for you and guests. 

Source: Design Features of a Craftsman Style Home | Artisan Hardware

The key to your modern bachelor pad is your individual touch. Your home should reflect your interests and be welcoming to you. Make your place comfortable and creative so you feel confident inviting guests over to share your experience. It’s your time to shine and revel in your hard-earned independence. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Now that you’ve got your pad set up, you’re good to go and 

ready to find out “How to Enjoy a Boy’s Weekend Away.”