A Man's Guide to Buying and Using Pocket Squares

Wondering how to fold a pocket square or handkerchief, or which is the best pocket square for you? You are at the right place.

A pocket square adds a touch of elegance to a man's outfit. A pocket is square is a piece of clothing that we fold into a triangle and wear in the pocket of the jacket. It adds flairs to the look. In this article, we will find out everything about from folding to wearing a pocket square. Here is a complete guide you need to know about confidently pulling off the pocket square on any occasion.

Significance – A Statement

A pocket square adds a pop of colour and grace to your outfit. To pull it off, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, it’s an art to wear a pocket square that would stand out and catch the eye of everyone. Pocket square can usually be made of different fabrics such as ; wool, silk, cotton or cashmere. Your outfit is incomplete without a pocket square if you’re wearing sport jacket, suit or a tie. This elegant accessory always helps in standing out. It comes in variety of different fabrics, styles and colours. If you’re going to wear a suit don’t think twice of not wearing a pocket square.

Usually, pocket squares are worn by men, but gradually they are also making their way in women fashion industry. But, for men, pocket square is a must have accessory- specifically I’d you’re going to a black-tie event. Pocket square is a small squared piece of clothing worn in your jackets or suits inside pocket. It not only adds a style to your outfit but also helps in keeping the tie sliding off your neck. You don’t have to wear pocket square only in formal events but you can also wear it in informal events.

Choosing a right pocket square

Choosing the right pocket square can be quite difficult when there are dozens of varieties available. The main key to choose a perfect pocket square for you is to look for stylish patterns, texture and colours. Picking out neutral tones would be a wise choice as It can be paired with different colours. 

Match the pocket square with the colour of the shirt you’re wearing, it would make it more classy. Do not match your pocket square with your tie. If you want to look sophisticated, go with a white pocket square- it would make you look more versatile and would give you a distinctive look.

Fabric options for Pocket square

Before we get into how to fold a pocket square, let’s first cover up the fabric options that might overwhelm you.


This one is one of the most common and popular fabrics for pocket square. Silk gives a very luxurious touch to the fabric and is best material for radiant colours as different colour pop out as the light hit on the fabric from multiple angles.


Made of completely natural materials, it is one of the oldest fabric. Linen is very comfortable wear and is very light. Linen pocket squares are perfect for summer – the time of wearing lighter fabrics. Unlike silk, the linen is not too shiny and should be worn with a tuxedo for black tie events.


The pocket square made with cotton are affordable as this fabric is not so costly. It is not considered as to be a very luxurious fabric and can be carried as a handkerchief.

Overwhelmed? The trick is to simply try them out – and go with the fabric of your shirt. Still, we have the best pocket squares available (on a limited sale), in all of the above mentioned qualities.

How to fold a pocket square

Folding a pocket square is quite easy. We have gathered some methods and techniques to fold it in a way where it will give you different looks each time you wear it.

If you want to look Elegant, Classic and Sleek:

  1. Lay the pocket square flat
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Fold one side of your pocket square up
  4. Tug the folder side of your pocket square into your suits/breast pocket and make sure ¼ of an inch is visible.

This style of wearing a pocket square is known as Presidential Fold and can be carried in formal business meeting. A white silk or linen pocket square is used for this fold.

One Tip Up Fold

The second Fold we have picked for you is One tip up:

  1. Lay the pocket square on the clean flat surface
  2. To make two overlapping triangles, Fold one corner in.
  3. Now Fold one side of triangle in.
  4. Repeat on the opposite side.
  5. Now place it in your jackets pockets

This fold goes with any type of dress of code and pocket square. You can carry this one with non-white and solid coloured pocket square.

Sophisticated and Unique

  1. Lay the pocket square on flat surface
  2. Fold only one side over
  3. Fold one side in
  4. Repeat the same on the opposite side
  5. Place the folded pocket square in your suit

This is kind of unique and different Fold which is usually called two tips up fold. It goes with any colour and pattern.

Casual Fold

If you want to do a simple, Casual fold, try this

  1. Place the pocket square flat on a clean surface
  2. Pick the pocket square up and punch it near the centre
  3. Slide the hanky with your other hand
  4. Flip it upside down
  5. Tug it in your breast pocket.

This fold is also known as Puff Fold and can be carried of you’re wearing a sleek and casual outfit. It goes best with patterned pocket squares. We prefer the  paisley patterns, polka dots and tartan checks. It is less suited with formal dresses.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a jacket or a well-cut suit makes a great impression about a man, but to really stand out and leave an impact, your accessories help the most. By now you know how to fold and wear a pocket square plus how incredibly versatile accessory a pocket square is. Check out our amazing collection of men accessories!

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