A Man’s Guide to Nailing Anniversary Celebrations Every Time

With an anniversary to celebrate, you have decisions to make. For example, where will you dine, and what’s the dress code? Will there be a party or just the two of you? Are you going to go on a vacation together? Most importantly, what will you give your partner? Here are a couple of tips that can help you nail that anniversary celebration so both you and your significant other can have a great time.

Plan in Advance

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your 30th, you can make the event memorable with just a little planning. If possible, schedule your big celebration for a weekend evening so your partner has time to primp a little if you’re going out for a nice dinner. Too often, the workday can leave both parties feeling frazzled and tired. Once your anniversary reminder pops up on your work calendar or your assistant reminds you of the big event, check in with your significant other. Confirm the night with your partner, and schedule a private table for a Saturday night whenever possible. If your Saturdays are dedicated to errands and home office work, set up a housekeeper and grocery delivery to free up the day for both of you. Sleep in, enjoy a leisurely coffee, and watch your wedding video or another important date together.

The Gift

Now that you’ve set the date for your celebration together so everyone can prepare, you can work on the surprise. How does your partner like to spend their leisure time? Are they readers or big on any particular craft? Have they always wanted to take a class? You might consider giving a partial gift of an event, such as a class, a concert, or a weekend getaway. A piece of jewelry ideally suited to your spouse is another great option for a great anniversary gift. What is their personal style? Do they wear mostly silver, or do they prefer gold or platinum? Depending on your budget and their taste, your gift can run the gamut from simple to glamorous. Fortunately, there are anniversary jewelry guides that can provide some direction as to what might be traditionally appropriate for a given year. You have some time. Study the jewelry they’re wearing now to get an idea for size and shape preference.

Spread the Gifts Across the Week

You may choose to get flowers delivered to the office on the actual date of the anniversary. If your partner isn’t a fan of splashy surprises, mail a card to the office so their workload includes a lovely surprise. Remember that not everyone is keen on surprises or attention from strangers. For example, you might include a copy of the reservations for your weekend getaway in the card so they can close the door and celebrate in private.

If planned carefully, an anniversary can be a special time for both you and your significant other. You both deserve a great celebration. So the next time your anniversary rolls around, make sure that you are prepared so it can be a celebration that neither of you will ever forget.