What Type of Men's Shoes are in Fashion in 2021 - And Where to Get Them!

In the past, men didn't seem to take great interest in shoes. Now, in the 21st-century, footwear has become essential. Yes, choosing the proper footwear to go with is necessary now as it can change our overall look, and trust me, they can be a game-changer as well!

Footwear types for men now have versatile designs and styles. Shoes have different styles and designs to express one's look. The footwear for men now presents a concept of cool, comfort, and functionality yet having an iconic and trendy look.

Choosing accurate footwear type for men can be arduous. There are so many shoes that can be perfect for casual wear or any special occasion. But if you're looking for something which is in trend in 2021, then you've come to the right place.

So, if you are wondering what type of Men's shoes are in fashion right now - and where to buy them, this is the article for you!

Types of Men’s Shoes in Fashion

  1. Loafers

In the quest of answering what type of men's shoes are in fashion, let’s start with loafers, which are the perfect footwear type for men. Yes, loafers are classy yet chic. They're also comfortable and could be best for your everyday wear. The design of loafers is what makes them perfect.

Loafers can go well with any outfit, and they are good for any occasion.

Going to a party? Loafers are a great option.

Wearing loafers to a business meeting can give the right impression on people.

Styling loafers with chinos and a polo shirt would look stunning. For a more chic look in the winter, go for a graphic sweatshirt with slacks, the best!

  1. Leather Shoes

I bet men love leather boots, as they are the definition of comfort and modern. In 2021, leather shoes have become so trendy for special occasions and office wear. I mean, why wouldn't they love these shoes. Their designs are so good.

Leather shoes come in different colors.

Brown leather shoes can go with any outfit, of any color, easily. If you're a fan of the color black or green, you need to own one of these. They also go well with any color outfit, and as we all know, the color black can make you look attractive. Plus, they never go out of style.

Therefore, the next time you go hunting on footwear, make sure you buy a pair of leather shoes. To make it easy for you, you can check out our exceptional leather shoes (which are on a huge sale right now). 

  1. High-Ankle Boots

Ah! Now we have the high-ankle boots. They are the ultimate game-changer. For real they are, with their deadly yet stylish look, also iconic in streetwear. High-Ankle boots can be your go-to shoes as well. The fact is that they come in versatile styles, unique designs, and with the best leather.

These boots are my personal favorite, as they go so well with any black-styled dress, the best for modern men.

The Chelsea high-ankle boots look so cool and are also trendy lately. But, any type of high-ankle boots can be perfect. Wear a long black leather coat, with black trousers and a high neck shirt, styled with high-ankle boots. What a deadly combination right!

  1. Brogue Shoes

The brogue shoes are so much more comfortable with a stylish look. The best thing about these shoes is that they come in different colors. So you can have one in every color for every dress. Yes, you must consider doing this.

Anyways, brogue shoes are best for working men, because they are very suitable for the office. Styling brogue shoes is not a difficult task. A suit is perfect with brogues.

You should have one of these brogue shoes in your wardrobe!

  1. Sneakers

Sneakers are everyone's favorite footwear type for men. Sneakers never, like never go out of trend. With how comfortable and amazing yet, stylish-looking designs.  I am honestly amazed. Sneakers are of various types, with alluring colors. They make you stand out in a crowd of people.

Sneakers are best for everyday wear, like going out for groceries, a walk, or the mall. Since they are comfortable, you can wear them at any party or to the office. But of course, they are not that good for a big occasion like a wedding. Sneakers are so famous in streetwear as well.

Therefore, sneakers are a must-have in your collection of footwear!

  1. Canvas Shoes

Mandujour Canvas Slip On Shoes

If you're looking for something more casual wear but also in fashion, then canvas shoes are for you. The material used to make them is a canvas - a coarse cloth made of hemp. The canvas paper you paint on, exactly that material. They’re very lightweight, comfortable, and versatile, with unique designs.

These shoes are best for casual wear and can be worn on big occasions too, not a problem.

Canvas shoes look great when worn with black pants and an oversized t-shirt or any polo shirt can do. Trust me, it looks so good. 

Are you looking for the best Canvas shoes? Great, go check out Mandujour canvas shoes and grab them right away. These shoes are slip-on, easy to wear, and would look great on you!

  1. Oxford Shoes

Mandujour Oxford Shoes on Sale

Oxford shoes are the best dress shoes. They are made, keeping in mind, the comfort of a man. Oxford shoes are also known to b traditional dress shoes, yet so classy and modern. These never go out of style. Wearing these at your wedding is a great idea.

They come in one design with a very modern and chic finish. The Italian oxford shoe is such a must-have. Wear your oxford shoes to any occasion and rock the day.

They are usually expensive - yet our Oxford Shoes collection is on a huge sale. You can check that out here.

To Sum Up

I hope this helped you find your favorite in-trend shoes that are perfect for you, and you got to know exactly what type of men's shoes are in fashion. Great taste in footwear is necessary now. Check out our entire shoe catalog and select anything you have in mind!

So, style yourself with these fashionable shoes. Which, by the way, never go out of trend and are so much in fashion in 2021! Spend the rest of 2021 in style.

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