3 Reasons Why Adventurous Men Will Love Alaska

Alaska is an outdoor wonderland with breathtaking scenery and an endless amount of amazing places to explore. Rugged terrain and challenging activities are what draw those who seek adventure to Alaska’s mountains, rivers and sea, but there’s more than just fantastic hiking trails and kayaking to enjoy. Alaska is home to the Northern Lights, one of nature’s most beautiful sights that every adventurer must see. Here are three reasons why men who love adventure will love Alaska.


Alaska’s vast expanse of majestic terrain makes it hard to choose just one trail to backpack. Multiple routes are yours to explore as you traverse Denali, the tallest mountain in America, hike through Katmai National Park or enjoy the wonder of nature at Twin Lakes. Multi-day or week-long backpacking hikes enhance and extend your Alaskan adventure on The Goat Trail or Seven Pass Route, two of the best trails to hike.

Dog Sledding

For the adventurous man, dog sledding is a must-experience endeavor in Fairbanks, Alaska, home to some of the best dog sledding in the world. Learn to mush your way through snowy turf as you encourage your pack to press on. Tours are available in a number of cities, but Fairbanks is known not only for their world class dog sledding but the magnificent Northern Lights as well. Viewing is optimal in this region, so for a chance to see the Northern Lights, make sure you visit Fairbanks at the right time of year, and enjoy the brisk, night sky with your dogs as the Aurora mysteriously glows.


Experience kayaking down a glistening arctic river surrounded by pure Alaskan wilderness and explore massive glaciers and fjords. Peer over sheer cliffs and prepare yourself for the ride of your life as you try sea kayaking at Prince William Sound, which has some of the most breathtaking views with one-day and overnight trips for the serious adventurer. Alaska has over 10,000 rivers and innumerable lakes that are perfect for kayaking, making the never-ending kayaking options virtually infinite. 

No matter which exciting challenges you try, Alaska is the best place for the adventurous man. Careening down an icy river in a kayak, mushing with hardworking sled dogs or backpacking through some of the most beautiful forests nature has to offer, Alaska provides the heart of the explorer ample amounts of fresh air, captivating beauty, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to release their inner adventurer.

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