What to Know About Planning Your Proposal

Make a Plan

The perfect proposal starts with the perfect plan. A ten-second internet search about how to plan the best proposal possible will result in thousands upon thousands of ideas, but none of them will really speak to who you are as a couple. Instead, consider your relationship and what makes it special. Let that factor guide the rest of your decisions.

Pick a Date and Location

After you have decided on how you are going to propose and with what type of ring, you’ll need to choose the time and place. When you select the date of your proposal, you want to think long term. If you pick a holiday, for example, you will always have to share this intimate memory with the usual festivities. This duality can have pros and cons. Anniversaries of important moments such as first dates or first kisses are another wonderful option for proposal dates, as they have special significance. Random days when the moment just feels right are another can’t-go-wrong option. Next, you have to pick the location. If there is a special place you and your significant other like to frequent, this might be the right choice. The place you met, the restaurant where you had your first date or the location of your first kiss are perfect spots to pop the question. Proposals outside of the state or even outside of the country can also be very special and can take that vacation up to a whole new level! Whenever and wherever you decide to ask if your loved one will say, “I do,” the choice will be magical for the two of you.

How Are You Going to Celebrate the “Yes”?

After your partner has agreed to spend a lifetime with you, you’ll begin to discuss your future together. Some of these discussions will be romantic and whimsical while others will be more difficult. You’ll have to resolve how to share finances and try to maintain your love life through the stress of planning a wedding. Some couples decide to hold off on sex during their engagement in order to make their honeymoon more special, but it’s not always the best choice if you already have some performance issues. There’s no denying that practice in advance helps alleviate performance anxiety on the wedding night. With all the awkwardness out of the way, you’ll be more likely to last longer in bed on the big occasion.

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