Your Ultimate Guide On How To Plan The Perfect Proposal in 2022

Have you chosen your partner for life in your mind? Is the question ready to pop but not sure how to make your marriage proposal extra special? I'm coming right to ask these four little words "will you marry me?" It very well may be tested in any event, for young men who are heartfelt consistently. You might be thinking that this should be a great suggestion - something she will never forget. Your relationship should also be personal. That's a lot of pressure, from thinking about what to do from clothes to propose in.

But don't worry, we have some great ideas to help make your suggestion even more memorable. Here is what you need to know regarding how to plan an engagement proposal.

Choose An Emotionally Memorable Location

For instance, it very well may be the eatery where you had your first date, the roof bar where you shared your first kiss, or where you said: "I love you."

Returning to this point now with the setting of your idea demonstrates that your relationship is going all out. It would bring back nostalgia, and with it some epic memories you'd both want to remember during the proposal.

Pro Tip: Make sure you smell good. If you are going to a solitude-oriented proposal, the perfume you are wearing makes a difference. 

Include Her Friends And Family For Her Big Day

They may be there with you, perhaps at a family gathering or holiday party. Or, if you want only two of you to propose, you can just arrange to keep your close ones out of sight, maybe look at a nearby place. After the question pops up and they say "yes", hug each other in a big group and offer lots of congratulations. It is the best of both worlds.

You get a beautiful, intimate moment alone and soon after that, all your loved ones share in your happiness. Plus, make sure to give extra attention to your dressing if her family is going to be there. Visit our shop for some epic men's accessories and clothing. 

Remember To Hire A Professional Photographer

He can stay close to your suggested location and secretly get amazing pictures of your suggested scene. Expert photographers know how to capture light, to make your layout more magical. And to get herself in a perfectly good position to get an invaluable shot on her face. When he finds out what's going on. Investing in photography is a big trend right now. The risk of these images being lost by dead camera batteries or other mistakes made by non-professionals is very important.

Add Music

Do you have a song that makes sense to both of you? Or, does he remember the first song you danced to? You can ask him again without planning. Playing sweet tunes behind the scenes lifts your proposition to "extraordinary" status of your marriage proposal.

Make It Symbolic With Flowers

How to plan an engagement proposal can be a bit challenging but sometimes traditional things always add up to the beauty. Give her a wonderful bouquet and arrange a floral arrangement on your proposal site. For a romantic touch, bring a symbol with the number of flowers you use.

For example, if you have known each other for ten years, make a bouquet of ten roses. If you've been together for three years, a bouquet of three flowers can't cut it, then what about adding a flower for each month that you're dating? Share your favorite flower symbol with her.

Plan An Early Event

Instead of planning for proposal at the end of the night, after a romantic dinner, carriage ride, concert, or other activity, start at the place where you will pop the question and then enjoy an evening full of events that you have a plan. That way, you don't need to stress throughout the evening. Plus, instead of waiting until the next day, she gets up all night to wear and show off her engagement ring.

Moreover, you can always customize your plan - maybe a nice vacation or a road trip would cut the deal for your perfect proposal. 

Speak Your Heart Out

You can plan anything, but these are the words you say to make your proposal the same. You need to express the love you hold for her and how much she means to you. Telling her that no one in the entire world means more to you than she is a complete changer especially if these are your heartfelt emotions for the woman you want to pursue marriage with. If you've told your best friend since your first date that you know he or she will be an important person in your life, include him or her in your suggestion of "speech." Then, talk to them about what you want to share with them in your future.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, make sure you aren’t reading out word to word from your prepared speech.  You may sound weird, you may lose the ability to look him in the eye, and he may wonder if you have found any of these phrases or references online.

Summarize some important phrases or things you want to mention on the "chat sheet" and you'll be fine. Do not forget to breathe! Speak softly, and if you shed a few tears, it makes it even more unforgettable.

If you're still having a hard time - just put your headphones on and go on a walk thinking and structuring the words. 

Display A Video Of Her Parents Blessings

If you've talked to her parents before planning for proposal - which is quite appropriate and brave for you - let her see this moment too. You don't need fancy editing or a soundtrack, though you can design the video the way you want! She would love to be private with such a meaningful gesture and would like to see how much you respect her parents to see how excited they are that their daughter is getting married!

Plan An Element From Her Favorite Movie

Do you remember the love Cara Knightley wedding scene where musicians popped up from inside the guests and serenaded them? If this is their favorite movie, arrange for some musicians to sit in line at a movie theater that you have prepared for your proposal. And friends and family can join in.

When the big screen starts to play, it opens with this scene from the movie, and then at the same time, the voices of live musicians play, bringing your favorite movie to life as a whole of your suggestion. You can also resemble your clothes to propose in from the movie scene to make it more real. Moreover, color psychology plays an important, keep that in mind. 

 Key Notes!

Make sure they are ready for a public proposal before you plan on a wide or high top to include a large crowd of people. Not every person likes to be the focal point of consideration. Evaluate her feelings on public suggestions before you ask "Will you marry me?" Don't be a guy who suggests extremely, just love to go with the flow.

Moreover, if you are wondering what to wear on your proposal, we have some epic things you might wanna check out on our shop

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